Fog appearance must disturb photographers when snapshotting. The fog will extremely lessen the quality of the image. With the foggy weather, a photographer will attempt to take more effort to condition the area so that the fog will make increase the art of the photography instead of making it worse. For example, when you take a photo at foggy morning, you will find the photo taken look mysterious.

You need to know that taking picture in foggy circumstance is very different with taking picture in the normal condition. The ricochet fog can trick the lightmeter of the camera so that the snapshot to be more dark. In order to fix this problem and make the shot result better, you need a special trick when documenting the foggy object.

One trick you can apply is by camera mode A/Av, P, or S/Tv. In order that, you need to use exposure compensation about +1 stop. Fog also has a characteristic that is able to spread light and capable of bringing out an effect called ROL (Ray of Light).

Beside the technique used to get beautiful photo, you can also apply slow speed technique in order to change the fog texture to be softer. Besides, when using slow shutter speed, it is better to sue tripod to anticipate foggy effect on the photo.