There are a few different reasons many people opt to launch a photography blog. One reason might be to share their own work, as a type of portfolio. These people may also have their own photography business they use as their career or a side job. You might also think about starting a blog like this not because you’re a photographer yourself, but because you want to create a lifestyle blog for people with similar interests to your own. Even if you’re launching a photography blog simply because it’s an interest you have, you can monetize it through tactics like advertising.

Regardless of why you’re starting a photography blog, it can be a difficult because of the high competition level. Below are some tips to starting a blog that can help ensure it stands out from the others and gains a following. 

Add Your Own Voice

Whether you’re a photographer or you’re sharing other people’s images, one of the best ways to set yourself apart is to share your own voice and opinions on your blog. That’s something you have that no one else can duplicate, and you should use it to your advantage. If you’re a professional photographer, and you’re sharing your images, include blog posts highlighting what it was like to take those photos, share interesting stories or get into the technical details. If you’re sharing other images, use this as an opportunity to create a narrative of why they impacted you and how.

Get Involved

If you want your photography blog to be successful, you’ll need traffic and eventually a loyal following. To do this, beyond just creating a beautiful site, you need to get involved. Participate in photographer forums, comment on other photo blogs, and be part of social media communities focusing on the industry. The more you can get your name out there, the more you can authentically and naturally share your own blog as well.

Think About a Niche

Since photography is not only a competitive but also broad market, you might want to think about focusing your blog on a specific niche. If you’re a photographer yourself, that might be a technical niche. You don’t want your niche to be so targeted that your audience will be tiny, but having some sort of particular focus beyond general photography can be advantageous.

Don’t Forget SEO

If you’re passionate about photography, and that’s where you want your blog focus to be, it can be easy to forget about the other elements of a successful blog, one of which is SEO. Make sure you’re putting as much attention into keyword research and usage as you are the rest of your blog, particularly if driving more traffic is a key focus for you.

Create a Positive User Experience

As a final tip for any new photography bloggers is to focus on your user’s experience. Often with photography blogs, there’s a lot of emphasis on the design, which is more-often-than-not minimalist, but there are challenges discovered in terms of the user. For example, navigation may be tough in a design that’s overly minimalist. Don’t just think about highlighting the beauty of the photos when you’re starting your blog (although this is important as well). Thank about what’s going to make using your site a pleasant experience for visitors.

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