When we watch a movie, it can often be easy to take for granted the quality of the filming and the huge amounts of effort that goes into producing every scene.

Ultimately, no matter what film we’re watching, from small, independent film companies to blockbuster productions like James Bond and heart-throb movies, like Bridget Jones’ Baby, the level of detail that goes into the capturing of each scene is extremely significant and intricate.

One of the huge considerations in every scene of a movie, is where the scene will be situated, and where the filming location will be. 

Take a look at the following 5 factors to consider when choosing a film location:

The Country

It is, first of all, important to think about what type of scene is being shot and the country where the scene is, or could be set.

With some films, like Bridget Jones’ Baby, for example, the answer is fairly simple for most scenes. This is because, Bridget Jones, the main character, lives and works in London. Whereas other films, like the James Bond movies, are more complex in terms of location.

What’s more, the weather of a country will indeed have an implication on whether a film is shot there, or whether further props are required to overcome any troublesome issues with weather conditions.

For some filmmakers, having more choice on the country is hugely exciting, others may find it overwhelming, as a lot of brainstorming and planning is required in the process of choosing the film location. 

Transport and Logistics

A factor that is often overlooked by creatives in the film industry, is transport and logistics. It is, however, essential that a filming location can be reached by various methods of transport and is a practical area to use and store all the filming equipment. This includes the suitability of manoeuvring large lorries (for the higher budget films), as well as housing film cameras, the staff, staging equipment, sound and lighting technology, and more.

Times of filming

The time of day that particular scenes should be shot, may indeed have an impact on a film location. Perhaps some areas are too busy or hectic to appropriately shoot a scene. What’s more, some locations may be too dark to light, even artificially, for appropriate movie scenes. 


It is hugely beneficial to consider whether one filming location is likely to require more editing than another. More editing, requires more time and money and this, in turn, has an effect on the cost of the movie production.


The budget of the film will need to be considered and weighed up against the choice of film location.

When factoring in cost, it is necessary to think about the cost of getting to the location itself (along with the equipment, staff and transport costs) and whether there is a cost to hire a venue.

Choosing a film location is an art

When it comes to filming location, many considerations need to be explored before a final decision is made. Ultimately, the location of certain scenes in a film can, undoubtedly, make or break a movie.

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