As the superhero who has not any super power, Batman uses sophisticated gadget to support him cracking down on crimes. One of the most sophisticated gadgets owned by Batman is his car (Batmobile) which is typically called The Tumbler.

By the film director, Christopher Nolan, The Tumbler has been designed to be a formidable car which is able to walk on all kinds of areas. The design of The Tumbler is far different to the Batmobile described on the comic.

The Tumbler firstly performs on the movie “Batman Begins”. Then, this car has accompanied batman since that time even until the new released Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. In addition to the toughness, The Tumbler also saves several other severities. Here are several severities owned by its cool car:

Designed in the Garage

The director, Christopher Nolan and The Production designer, Nathan Crowley, design The Tumbler in the garage in LA. Meanwhile, the design is inspired from the military vehicle. Nolan and Crowley build the prototype of The Tumbler by attaching two car toys that are Hummer and Lamborghini.

The Origin of the Name

Actually, the name “Tumbler” is taken from military history due to the capability in jumping and tumbling. There are three models of The Tumbler for shooting requirement. The first model is The Tumbler which has a rotating barrel pistol. The second one is the model with a missile launcher. And the third model is having a pistol.

The Forelegs and the Fuel of the Car

The forelegs of The Tumbler are designed having axles on one side. The Tumbler has been built from scratch. It is not such a modification for the existing car. The fuel is unleaded gasoline. It has a weight that is 2.5 tons. And, The Tumbler has ever jumped as far as 18 meter. It is also able to run from 0 to 100 Km/hour in 5 seconds with the speed maximally 168 Km/hour.

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