Oscars is one of the prestigious events in the world of movies. In fact, it is the most primary honor in movies. Sometimes it is also called as Academy Awards. Over time, the competition among movies people is increasing. For this year, there are frontrunners for Academy Awards. Those are such as “Life of Pi” and “Lincoln” along with “Silver Linings Playbook” as well as “les Miserables” closing behind. Those all of the nominated movies were announced a couple times ago and the ceremonial event well be held on February 24, 2013. Here are several predictions about the nominations for 2013 Academy Awards.

Who are the nominations?

At least nine nominees have been nominated for Best Picture category in 2013 Academy Awards. The Academy Awards has nominated about five to ten films for this category since last year (2012). It depends on the number of the votes on each receiving. In this year, this prestigious award in movie creates such a room for movies like “Amour”, a movie which uses French-language story produced by an Austrian writer-director. This movie tells about two octogenarians who are dealing with an illness and death.  Besides, there is also an US indie titled “Beasts of the Southern Wild” as well as “Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained”, in which probably this movie was too far and full of violent actions.

And about the six others are exactly more suited as well as more expected to the area of Oscars. They are such as Lincoln, Steven Spielberg’s 1860 historical drama; “Life of Pi”, Ang Lee’s Magical Literary adaptation; “Silver Linings Playbook”, David O Russell’s romcom with such a difference; “Zero Dark Thirty”, Kathryn Begelow’s hunt-for-Bin-laden saga; “Argo”, Ben Affleck’s retro thriller; “Les Miserables”, Tom Hooper’s big and bold musical movie.

Who will be the winner?

It is predicted that there are two nominees who race for being the winner. The two are “Life of Pi” and “Lincoln”. But the stronger is Lincoln. It is because it has specialty for instance it is one of the most favorite story in America. Besides, Spielberg won an Oscar nominee in 1999 for the movie “Saving Private Ryan”.

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