The PyramidThere are two in-depth experienced archaeologists who are father and so, namely Holden (Denis O’Hare) and Nora (Ashley Hinshaw). These two both conduct a research related to a pyramid in Egypt. At that time, Egypt is basically in the middle of critical situation due to military coup d'etat. But they keep conducting the research to a new type of pyramid which is allegedly having a very old age. 

The two archaeologists are helped by two TV crews, namely Fitzie (James Buckley), a cameraman and also Sunni (Christa-Marie Nicola), a reporter. They have a job to record all activities in the research during there. Besides, Zahir (Amir K) who is a local scientist also borrow a recording robot from NASA specially for finding the pyramid. 

By the time for research goes by, finally they fifth are helped by some local diggers succeeded in finding the pyramid. The shape of the pyramid is totally different because it has three sides only. It is the first in the earth. The place is also on the less deep than the common pyramid. They also succeeded in finding the door to come into the pyramid.

Sadly, when the finding and the research have been running well, the party as the funder forced to leave Egypt sooner because of security and political stability. The soldiers are also sent to bring them out of research location. But, they insist to ask longer time within 2 hours to get into the pyramid for the sake of conducting checking. Finally they are allowed.

They ignore any danger that could happen on them; moreover the pyramid has not been touched for very long time ago. The air in the pyramid is also contaminated by poisonous gas. It pushes them to wear a mask when getting in. at first; they insert a recording robot in the pyramid. But uncommon incident happens to the robot. It pushes them to check the robot inside. 

Those are some former occasions in this new horror movie titled The Pyramid. This movie is directed by Grégory Levasseur. This movie tends to toward to be a thriller rather than a horror. This is based on the fact related to the tension dominating the movie, rather than the scary unsure on horror movie. The Pyramid tends to bring you more to shocking effect in every scene. 

In fact, the appearance of the movie is not like a ghost look; instead it tends to look like a monster. But, it does not mean that this movie is not amusing enough, instead it is so tensing and so appealing to be enjoyed even in every minute. The tensing sensation will you get so intensive especially when 

Nora, Holden, Fitzie, Sunni, and Zahir get into the pyramid. 

The way the picture taken through the camera is such to be a plus value for this The Pyramid. You will feel as if you were in the expedition in the pyramid and guess what you will find in there. It is surely giving you maximum tension. Furthermore it is enriched with shocking music along the movie. 

For player looks, the character Fitzie deserves to have your appreciation. He gives comedy unsure to lower the tension. Even little, but such a joke is able to make the movie more dynamic. Meanwhile, Sunni describes an annoying person. She is totally stubborn, blaming everybody and also paranoid at the same time. What will Holden, Nora, Sunni, Fitzie and Zahir in the pyramid? Whether they are able to get out from the pyramid? 

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