Even though the G.I Joe: Retaliation movie show time is forced to be postponed due to the conversion process to the 3D form, the director, Jon M. Chu, was already approaching the other wide screen project. Based on the news released by Hollywood reporter, Jon is now in the negotiation level to make a movie adapted from fiction character in 1980 that is Masters of the Universe.

Masters of Universe tells about a blond-haired soldier named Adam who has ability in which he can transform himself to be a mighty warrior when he says “By the power of Grayskull, I have the power”. Warrior figure is named He-Man. This He-Man has a duty to defend his planet, Eternia, from any evil force of Skeletor who wants to seize the Grayskull forth.

This movie is not the first which adopts Masters of the Universe. In 1987, the director, Gary Goddard, ever performed Dolph Lundrgen as the He-Man. Now, there is available the kids cartoon version. It was not unknown surely when the production and the schedule of the premiere on a cinema. However, when the character of He-Man is raised on the wide screen, you will find several fiction characters in the past such as john Carter, Peter Pan, Tarzan and so forth.

Until this time, Jon focuses monitoring the conversion process of 3D from G.I Joe 2 movie which has been suspended the show time until March 29th, 2013. Besides, Jon also has been success to make a documenter video tour of Justin Beiber concert to promote the album of the pop star from Canada entitled “Believe”.

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