It may seem like just a dream to have an A-lister attending one of your company get-togethers, but it’s actually not that difficult to hire a highly sought after personality, and it’s probably not as expensive as you may think.

Having a celeb show up to give a motivational or thought provoking speech can be one of the best morale boosts in any company, and is the main event at most corporate functions. It’s now quite easy to hire one of them to attend your formal bash, as long as you have the dough.

Even prestigious establishments are getting in on the act, like Will Ferrell’s hilarious visit to Harvard in 2003:

There are a whole host of companies that cater for celeb services, often known as a celebrity speakers bureau or a booking service. They basically arrange a time and place and take care of all the relevant details.

You may be thinking that the celebrities available will probably just be scraping the barrel in terms of fame. Well you’d be surprised at some of the people who do corporate gigs, like Kim Kardashian, Christian Bale, Rihanna, need I go on? There is a plethora on offer running into the tens of thousands. 

It’s a good idea to visit a site like the BAFTA’s official webpage:

And check out some videos of celebs in action, otherwise it can feel a little bit like a kid in a candy shop.

The speaker fees vary depending on the type of celeb you pick, the duration and type of event, as well as what exactly you’d like them to do. Some speakers are professionals at delivering powerful and inspiring keynotes — Imagine Kanye West helping push your company to the next level, or Katy Perry on creating and maintaining passion in your business. 

Having a celeb at your event isn’t just an investment in morale but also a fiendishly clever marketing tool. Think about it, many of these celebs have a huge following online on places like YouTube and Twitter. Having a celeb at an event has the potential to bring in thousands of would-be clients! And by simply posting a YouTube video can help expose your company to millions of eyeballs.

A corporate event takes a lot of planning and entertainment is the most difficult part to pull off. Having a celeb take care of this means you’re free to organize the rest of the gig.

With so many positives it’s a no-brainer to hire a celebrity for your event, so what’s the down side? Well in short, availability. Most A-List celebrities like Johnny Depp have an extremely tight schedule and get booked up very quickly, with some booked pretty much the whole year. As long as you treat it like an ongoing marketing strategy and organize it in advance, the chances are very high that you’ll get the celeb you want.

One thing to note is to choose a celeb to fit the event. If it’s a somber affair, picking a comedian probably wouldn’t be the wisest choice. If the company needs a morale boost, than a successful celeb can give your staff a much needed lift in spirits.

People listen to celebs and follow them obsessively, they’re natural born leaders and having one at your event will forever attach them to your brand. It will be something employees will never forget.

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