Your path to a successful career in the sports industry starts with the right education. While a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or even sports management is a great first step, you’ll need a master’s degree to pursue high-level positions as well as higher pay.

At Adelphi University, you can earn a Master of Science inSport Management (MSSM) in as little as 24 months, helping to jumpstart your career faster. But what can you do with your degree once you graduate? Sports management is a dynamic field with a wide variety of career options. So whether you prefer working directly with athletes, managing team affairs or writing about the sports world, a master’s in sport management can help you attain your career goals. 

Today, there are over 300 undergraduate sports management programs in the U.S. However, graduate programs in this field only number around 30. [1] By taking the next step to get your master’s, you’ll put yourself among an elite group of individuals who are dedicated to achieving top positions in the sports industry. Plus, you’ll learn the skills you need to succeed in a competitive industry. And when you attend a highly reputable sports management graduate program like the one offered at Adelphi, you’ll also be able to make connections with important players in your field (so to speak). In just two years, you can put your career into overdrive and get in the fast lane to success.

The Sporting Life: 5 Careers You Can Jump Into With a Master of Science in Sport Management

We’ve assigned each sports management career a score to rate their earning potential, career advancement opportunities and job availability. Check out these career details to see which is the perfect fit for you.

Scorecard Key

  • Earning Potential: How much will I earn in this career path? A high rating indicates that pay is relatively high with the potential for significant increases over time.
  • Career Advancement: Is there room for growth in this field? A high rating indicates that there are many opportunities to step into higher-level positions.
  • Job Availability: Is it hard to find these types of positions? A high rating indicates that open positions in this career path are relatively easy to find.

Rating System:

  • 1 = Fair
  • 2 = Good
  • 3 = Excellent

Sports Journalism

Sports journalists report on the latest news in sports. They often write articles and interview sports figures. It’s actually one of the hottest growth areas in journalism, so job opportunities are on the rise. [2] However, it’s tough to move into high-demand positions, like on-air talent, and the average annual salary is only around $36,000. [3] [13]

Sports Management Career Scorecard:

  • Earning Potential: 1
  • Career Advancement: 2
  • Job Availability: 3

Sports Agent

Being an agent for an athlete is a tough job, but it sure pays off. The average annual salary is around $64,000, but the top 25% of earners in this career path make over $116,000 a year. [4] With the relatively small number of professional athletes, breaking into this career is incredibly tough (though having connections can help).Once you’ve made a name for yourself at a larger firm, you could even start your own sports agency. [5] 

Sports Management Career Scorecard:

  • Earning Potential: 3
  • Career Advancement: 2
  • Job Availability: 1

Sports Marketing

Sports marketers help promote athletes and teams, often helping to develop advertising and social media campaigns and securing sponsors and sales promotions. This is one of the areas of sports management with the highest job availability, especially with the increased use of social media. [6] Professional in this field earn an average of $60,000 per year. [7] Sports marketers in entry-level positions can advance once they demonstrate great sales skills. [7]

Sports Management Career Scorecard:

  • Earning Potential: 2
  • Career Advancement: 2
  • Job Availability: 3

Athletic Directors

Athletic directors typically manage multiple teams for a school or university. They have numerous responsibilities, including hiring coaches, setting up season schedules, and budgeting for the athletic department. [8] ADs make around $50,000, [9] and some also earn annual bonuses. There are multiple employer options, though once you’ve obtained the position it’s hard to move up unless you move to a larger institution. [10] 

Sports Management Career Scorecard:

  • Earning Potential: 2
  • Career Advancement: 1
  • Job Availability: 2

Sports Facility Manager

You’ll have to be knowledgeable about both sports and building management to handle this job, which involves everything from scheduling to maintenance to accounting. Most sports facility managers earn around $55,000-$70,000 per year. [11] Only larger institutions need a dedicated sports facility manager, so job opportunities are limited. [12] And like athletic directors, these managers must move to a bigger university or pro team to advance. [12] 

Sports Management Career Scorecard:

  • Earning Potential: 2
  • Career Advancement: 1
  • Job Availability: 1

While some of these sports management careers achieved higher scores than others, each of them offers a fun and rewarding experience in the industry. 

















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