While there is nothing at all new about kitchenettes, diminutive kitchen spaces created from what was initially only a room--and added as an afterthought, and just tiny kitchens in general, it’s actually the way we conceptualize these spaces that is converting the way we regard them and even making them become highly desirable inclusions in the trendiest of less sizable living spaces. New designs in downsized appliances and kitchen technology are forever changing the former notion that a tiny kitchen was hardly sufficient for heating up water in order to make a basic cup of instant coffee and two pieces of toast, much less provide an adequate enough space to prepare a meal for entertaining dinner guests.

Small Spaces on the Increase

You’ll find most living spaces that feature studio kitchens are concentrated in the residential establishments of larger, more intensely populated cities like NYC,) however there are also many converted rooms above suburban garages that have been converted into appropriately distanced mother in law suits or rental spaces for tenants. And in a tight economy such as the one in which we now find ourselves living, downsized spaces that come with all the amenities of more spacious living arrangements are becoming more and more of a frequently prized commodity.

Why the Need for the Smallest Possible Kitchen?

The prerequisite for the inclusion of a concentrated or downsized kitchen typically stems from a living space that is generally pretty limited, in terms of usable space. Now, certainly, some of the larger, most prestigious homes might actually include studio kitchens in master bedrooms and guest quarters, however the main concentration of studio kitchens is found in areas where space is of a prime--for whatever reasons might exist.

General Downsizing is Typically the Prevalent Objective of all Kitchen Design

The good news about the newest kitchen technology on today’s market is that the fundamental design of every feature is to provide the highest degree of functionality while taking up the very least volume of counter or cabinet space possible. Of course, there are always going to be some kitchen appliances that, in order to provide the best in their genre must obviously be amply sized. Even with the most highly evolved intelligence in perfect space allocation, appliances like refrigerators and ovens have probably downsized as much as they possibly can. And just when it would seem that we have reached the limits of providing adequate solutions to their maximum extent for all kitchens, a breakthrough occurs.

Broken Down Technology

Surely, one of the very most convenient, fashion-forward, clever and totally fun advancements to be made in the advancement of kitchen technology is the brilliant presentation of broken down functionality. While upon first reading or hearing this concept, it might sound like something went terribly awry, however nothing could be more off the mark. The advent of ‘broken down functionality” refers to the way in which appliance manufacturers have responded to the changing needs of households and how foods are prepared. It’s akin to “Why buy the cow, when all you need is a quart of milk?” Of the best broken down appliance technology to date, it surely is found with the arena of stovetop options. And this is probably one of the most beneficial advancements that could ever happen to studio kitchens, everywhere. Now, cooktops and stovetops don’t necessarily have to come as a “package deal,” with four to five burners, and that’s it. And then, previous choices were basically to be made between gas or electric, with no possible way to offer more, than by consuming a rather huge portion of even more counter space with yet another cooktop. Did you ever see this? Probably not.

Why the Separation of Cooktop Elements Saves Studio Kitchens, Especially

With every available inch of space being an incredibly critical issue, any kitchen functionality that is unlikely to be used is relegated to being nothing more than a space waster. In creating the optimum kitchen space for a studio kitchen, considerable thought must precede the implementation of every degree of functionality that will exist within that kitchen, to suit a somewhat wide representation of tenants or residents. It is truly exciting to shop among all the creatively designed cooktop options that now defy the once standard all in one cooktop. Thinking in terms of identifying every possible form of stovetop functionality needed, you can now buy one or two burner gas range components that are installed independently from other cooktop choices, like a couple of oh so fab induction burners, which might sit next to a deep fryer that sits flush with the countertop. These can all be placed together, or when countertop availability prevents, they can be easily broken up without losing an ounce of functionality.

More Heating and Refrigeration From Futuristic Design That are Available NOW!

When heating is a problem, studio kitchens can greatly benefit from small but adequate warming drawers, while other meal items are cooked to completion. Then, everything is served together, all warm and delicious. Want to simply melt some cheese or chocolate? Do it in your warming drawer! And when it comes to keeping everything cold, there are new concepts in refrigeration that allow you to switch specific compartments over from functioning as refrigerators to instantly becoming freezers---a true boon for the smaller kitchen!

What are Cons, When it Comes to the Kitchen of Your New Home?

While it may be good to think out many options, in terms of how your life might change or be affected by life in exceedingly small quarters, chances are the choice to do so has evolved from study, circumstances or both. If there are cons, obviously the diminished availability of space might seem upfront to be almost fear-inspiring. This is only of issue with people who lack inspiration for problem solving or money to pay others to do this for them. Less space equates less area to clean, however in a smaller kitchen space, the responsibility to stay on top of putting things away and cleaning becomes all the more critical. Another wide open source of a small kitchen becomes the ceiling area. Now, while no one in his or her right mind wants to feel like they are traveling beneath a canopy of metal and plastic cooking tools and utensils, there are ways in which you can appropriate several areas of your kitchen for trendy looking storage and display of your better kitchen wares.

Pros, Anyone?

Pros abound, especially with all the innovative storage solutions and studio kitchen sized appliances available everywhere. If you are, for whatever reason, finding yourself in a home with a studio kitchen, with a little bit of ingenuity and effort, you will learn to love the simplicity your studio kitchen affords you.

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