Proposing to the lady of your dreams is a big moment in both your lives and the ring is a symbol of commitment, loyalty and never-ending love. Choosing the right ring, therefore, needs careful consideration as she’ll be showing it off every opportunity she has.

Rather than just picking out a pre-set ring at random, you want to present her with a well designed ring that will match her personality and style. Something as simple as the design of the setting and shape of the diamond can help you do just that and it’s not as difficult as you may think.

Whether your future bride is into classical elegance, wants something minimalistic, or is a complete non-conformist, and no matter how big or small your budget, the diamond engagement rings selection is sure to have something to meet your specifications.

There are four main ring designs to choose from. The shape of the ring is an integral part of the overall design, made to show off the diamond to maximum effect. The shape of the diamond is equally important and can represent your partner's individual style and preference perfectly.

The solitaire ring has a single diamond usually in a claw mount to allow the light to enter it for enhanced brilliance. This ring with a round cut diamond is a timeless classic and its elegance makes it by far the most popular choice for an engagement ring.

The side stone design is made up of a large centre diamond flanked by smaller diamond accents that contribute to the overall look of the ring. Often set into a pavé band to create a clean line of gems, the geometric shape of the emerald cut diamond is well suited for the side stone ring design as is a marquise or pear cut diamond. This style of ring is great for the modern lady that wants something traditional but with a bit of a twist. It looks best on someone with small delicate hands as the shape will add length to the fingers and this kind of attention-to-detail will not go unnoticed!

The three stone ring design represents the past, present and future of your love. The main centre stone diamond is larger then the two side ones and is a beautiful statement representing a lifetime of love and happiness.

The halo ring is made up a series of smaller full cut diamonds surrounding a larger centre diamond, giving the illusion of a greater size. The finished look of the ring has a real wow factor to it and the light catches each individual diamond for added shimmer and sparkle!

The band can be made of 18 ct gold or platinum and each ring is precisely hand-crafted with love, care and attention. You can be sure that the time and effort put into designing the ring for your future bride will result in a magnificent piece that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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