The Barclays Premier League has made a name for itself as the hottest association football league in the world. As the top league for competition in England, it is home to many of the world’s top football players and some of the world’s most iconic sides. Today people are looking for Premier League tickets to get access to the games and teams that they love the most.

People are looking today for tickets for matches to many of the top teams in the Premier League. These include many prominent sides like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Southampton, Manchester City and Liverpool. There are twenty different sides in the Premier League and all of them have their own unique rosters, famous pitches and a large legion of supporters cheering them on.

Fans are especially looking to get tickets to the sides that just got promoted into the Premier League. Watford and Norwich City are popular draws but it is Bournemouth that is really drawing some attention. Bournemouth has played since 1890 but the Cherries just got into the Premier League for the very first time.

Many particular matches are expected to be very popular as the season goes along. Some of the top sellers involve major derbies involving long time rivals. These include the Manchester United-City match, the Everton-Liverpool battle and the Chelsea-West Ham derby.

It is always the battle for the top places in the Premier League that make the matches here so exciting. In fact, sometimes the fear of being relegated for the next season is a big point that makes people want to cheer on their teams no matter what has happened. This is especially as fans of their favourite teams don’t want to end up like Aston Villa, a historic team that has come extremely close to actually being relegated not too long from now.

Of course, the variety of tickets available for sale to these games will vary by each side. Manchester United has more tickets to sell as more than 75,000 fans can fit into their home field of Old Trafford. Meanwhile, only about 11,700 people can fit into Goldsands Stadium, the home of Bournemouth.

Fans are advised to act quickly to get tickets to any Premier League game regardless of who is playing. With the Premier League being home to so many talented teams and unique rivalries, it is clear that tickets to matches are big sellers all around the world.

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