Spring is a time for new beginnings, and the freshness of the season is clearly visible on Broadway. From dramatic plays to vibrant musicals, Broadway’s Spring 2016 season will have audiences teetering on the edge of their seats and dancing in the aisles. Check out some of the productions that are hitting the Great White Way.

The Father

The Father, a play that recently ended a tour in London, is set to open on April 14 at New York’s Samuel Friedman Theatre. The story focuses on Andre, a man whom the audience initially believes is a retired dancer who lives with his married daughter Anne. As the play continues, however, it becomes clear that Andre is actually a former engineer whom Anne is just visiting. Or is he? And where has he left his wristwatch? And who are the strangers who keep popping into his room? Starring Frank Langella, this unique play features an intimate cast and a mind-bending plot.


Starring Academy Award winning actress Lupita N’yongo in her Broadway debut, Eclipsed opens on March 6 at the John Golden Theater. The play focuses on a Liberian army camp in 2007, when the nation was being ravaged by a civil war. N’yongo and her castmates portray women who were captured and forced to marry rebel leaders. Together, they create a sense of community and give each other the support required for surviving such terrifying circumstances.


Featuring music and lyrics by Grammy Award nominee Sara Bareilles, Waitress will open on April 24 at the Brooks Atkinson Theater. This sparkly musical focuses on Jenna, a small town server stuck in a dead-end marriage. Just when she thinks that she won’t be able to turn her life around, a handsome doctor and a pie baking contest prove her wrong. A sweet, spicy and darkly humorous tale about friendship, determination and following your dreams, Waitress is sure to dazzle audiences of all ages. 

Tuck Everlasting

The beloved novel Tuck Everlasting will come to life onstage April 26 at the Broadhurst Theater. The musical focuses on the mysterious Tuck clan, who don’t seem to age like the rest of the residents of Treegap. When Winnie Foster, a bright and kindhearted 10-year-old, discovers the family’s secret, she embarks on an unforgettable journey filled with friendship, magic and the opportunity to alter her existence.

The Crucible 

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible will return to Broadway on March 31 at the Walter Kerr Theater. This historical play takes a look at the controversial and mysterious Salem Witch Trials, and highlights themes of mass hysteria, intolerance, morality and the effects of fear. The play’s upcoming production will feature film actress Saoirse Ronan in her Broadway debut.

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