As anyone who has ever tied to knot can testify, organising a successful wedding day can be extremely stressful and challenging. This is without even factoring in the cost of paying for the individual elements that contribute to a large-scale wedding, which is currently estimated at an average of £20,983 per couple.

Given this and the time consuming nature of planning separate wedding components, it is crucial that you take every opportunity to save money and optimise your efficiency. Mobile apps offer an excellent opportunity to achieve these goals, as there is a diverse range of tools that are targeted at those who are planning their big day.

3 Wedding Day Apps that can help the Big day to go smoothly

With this in mind, here are three apps that can help you to plan your wedding day in the most careful of details:

The 4 C'S Interactive Diamond Buying Guide on iOS

Apparently, the average British male saves about three months of their wages to buy their partner's engagement ring. This is a significant investment, so it is important that they are at least able to make an informed decision in the market. 

This is where the The 4 C'S Interactive Diamond Buying Guide comes into play, as this iOS app breaks down the importance of carat weight, colour, clarity and cut to help you select the ideal ring that offers the best possible value for money. While it is not cheap at $9.99, it more than repays this investment when you consider the cost of the jewellery involved and the importance of an engagement ring as a symbol of love, faith and eternity.

Room Planner on iOS 

From a female perspective, organising the logistics of the wedding day and catering to the needs of guests is a huge issue. Planning the layout of the ceremony and reception venues can be particularly challenging, especially when you consider factors such as family feuds, broken-down relationships and simmering resentment.

If you use the Room Planner app on iOS and Android, however, you will negate these problems. This accessible tool allows you to experiment with variable room layouts within a predetermined space, helping you to visualise your big day, establish your top table and optimise the visual impact of floral arrangements.

Wedding Party on Android and iOS

After the big event, there is usually a long wait to communicate with your photographer and gain access to your pictures. Then there are the disorganised attempts to collate additional photographs from guests, including those captured on mobile phones and tablets, Was your favourite photo taken by a guest? This app gathers guests' photos as they are taken and puts them into a timeline, to make a free photo album later on. 

Price: Free 

Compatible with: Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad 

Available from: Google Play Store, iTunes App Store!photo3

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