With social media marketing becoming an increasingly accepted form of advertising, it’s important for businesses and individuals alike to understand the system and how their brands can benefit from an online presence. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are flooded with advertisements, so businesses that are new to the game may need some advice set themselves apart from the vast competition. 

On Instagram in particular, deliberation and dedication are key tenets to any successful marketing strategy. However, for fledgeling companies, more advice may be necessary to start reaping the benefits of Instagram advertising. Here are 7 Instagram tips specifically curated for rookie marketing teams.

1. Use Instagram Automation Platforms

This tip may seem a bit hacky, but Instagram automation services are no joke. Since Instagram has become such a phenomenal tool for advertising, it seems only fitting that third-party applications exist that simplify this process for newcomers to social media marketing. For Instagram automation apps, look no further than SocialDrift.

SocialDrift is an Instagram bot that boasts a number of features that can seamlessly grow your Instagram following and increase your level of performance on the platform. By analyzing follower behaviors and account activity, SocialDrift can determine helpful parameters like ideal posting times and what types of content get the best reactions out of followers. SocialDrift builds upon the efforts of marketing teams and optimizes them.

2. Understand Your Audience

Looking past automation, marketers should still be capable of advertising ideas on their own to ensure that content matches the ideals and values of the brand they’re representing; understanding your audience is paramount to this goal. Before you can even brainstorm content or make any posts, clearly defining the targeted audience can be helpful as a planning tool.

Although there may be a temptation to post as much brand-related content as possible and hope for the best, there are better ways to attract new and dedicated followers. Knowing the interests of your audience can help in this pursuit, by allowing marketers the insight needed to curate content for their specific brand of consumers.

3. Engage With Followers

In addition to understanding followers, businesses should engage with their followers. At a certain point, the relationship between users and followers can become stagnant when the only interaction is periodic posting. Although followers are drawn to accounts because of the posts, they are primarily interested because of the users or brand they are following. Therefore, it makes sense that engaging them directly should stimulate stronger relations.

There are a number of ways in which companies can interact with their followers. To name a few, there are following sprees, giveaways, and sponsored contests. For companies trying to attract more followers, these interactions are a great way to spread news of your account and at least spark discussions.

4. Consistency Is Key

On Instagram and any other social platform for that matter, there is a basic relation between content-providers and their followers: supply and consumption. Without content, followers are dissatisfied and have no reason to continue supporting a specific brand or user. For this reason, Instagram business accounts should make sure to consistently provide content.

Among Instagram users, repetitive posting of the same topics or long periods of inactivity are certain to drive away even the most unwavering followers. With an Instagram presence comes the responsibility and expectation to consistently provide content; companies who turn to social media marketing should be willing to fulfill this requirement in order to maximize their advertising potential.

5. Invest In Visual Editing

As a home to photo and video, Instagram is a social platform more heavily reliant on visuals than most. Between the number of professional accounts and high-profile users, the site regularly hosts stunning pictures and striking visuals that are sure to be popular with the app’s massive following. In order to stay relevant, businesses should invest in visual editing software.

Although it may be hard to compete directly with some of the visuals posted to Instagram, simply increasing the quality of your own posts can be tremendously helpful. As overall image quality rises, users will tend to ignore the lower-quality posts. Therefore, businesses should at least periodically refine their own visuals to keep the attention of an audience with growing tastes.

6. Interconnect With Other Platforms

As mentioned before, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are all other social media giants that fall in the same category as Instagram. With so many users overlapping the space between the four of them, it makes sense to use some social platforms to elevate the others, especially with businesses having multiple online presences these days. Advertising other accounts between platforms will not only increase traffic between the two platforms, but it will also increase the overall popularity of the parent brand.

7. Experiment With Different Ideas

The final tip for businesses has to do with the dreaded brainstorming process. Although the demand for new and exciting content can be frustrating and all the unwritten rules surrounding Instagram can be daunting, the most effective method for marketing is to keep experimenting.

As vague as that may sound, consistently trying new ideas is the only way to prevent stagnant content, and it’s a surefire way to show followers that you care about providing them content. In addition, experimenting with different ideas prevents getting caught up on ideas that aren’t as successful and results in a more effective marketing strategy overall.

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