cannabis is about making the most of your experience. It goes without saying that the quality of your herb is extremely important. Choosing the right accessory is important too, but these aren’t the only two things you should be focused on if you want a great experience.

There are plenty of tried and true tricks that will make your experience even better. Here are four that are perfect for every pot .

Clean Your Pipes

If you’re sitting down, chores are probably the last thing on your mind. But, doing a little cleaning can go a long way towards increasing your enjoyment when you sit down to take a puff.

Everything from bongs to pipes should be cleaned frequently.  devices can quickly develop a thick build-up of resin and tar, which can reduce airflow. A clean bong or glass pipe allows the air to flow smoothly.

Cleaning is fairly easy:

  • Wipe areas you can reach with rubbing
  • Use a pipe cleaner in hard-to-reach areas
  • If the tar isn't coming off easily, use salt or rice as an abrasive medium
  • In general, plan to clean your bong or pipe at least once a week

Use a Little Honey

You might put honey in your tea or put it on toast, but there are many more unusual ways to use honey. One way can make your  experience more enjoyable.

If you're rolling a joint and you aren't happy with how fast it's burning, simply apply a small dab of honey to the paper. Rub it around on the paper, then roll up your joint. It helps your joint burn slower and more evenly, and it makes for a tastier experience too!

Make a Spoof

Just because you enjoy  weed doesn’t mean you enjoy smelling like weed. Unfortunately, it has a pungent smell that can quickly and stubbornly cling to your clothes and your hair. Not to mention, it can make your whole house smell like a spent joint.

A quick and easy solution is to make a spoof. It’s as simple as covering the end of a toilet paper tube with a dryer sheet.

When you’re ready to exhale , simply blow it into the tube. The dryer sheet will filter , making it smell much less worse when it comes out the other end.

Use a Sock to Clean up a Spill

There are a lot of amazing uses for honey, but there are some amazing uses for socks too! One of those uses can help you clean up a spilled herb on the floor.

Simply rubber band a clean sock on the end of a vacuum tube and suck up the mess. The sock will catch it so it can be retrieved easily.

 does pose some unique challenges that can make it a lot less enjoyable. Don’t give up yet! After you buy the right accessories and the right herb, follow the tips on this list and you’ll enjoy  a lot more.

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