Apple is one of the biggest players in technology sector which is well known for its quality products since the introduction of company in market. Technology plays a very crucial role in everyone’s life. Life is much easier if you are using an Apple device, because it provides better products and applications. With the latest advancements in the Apple products you can have a good experience. It has made human life more convenient and comfortable. Apple is providing different products such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple watch. The manufacturers of these products do not compromise with both hardware as well as software specifications while launching.

Currently a lot of companies are diving in electronic manufacturing which is creating a tough competition. To maintain the top position in quality products manufacturing, Apple is also inventing some innovative techniques that are unique and productive. Both hardware devices and software applications of this company are incomparable with any other brand. Here you will go through the latest technology that Apple is currently providing or planning to launch within few years.

Latest iPhone 7 RED editions:

It is available with a handset and EarPods with lightning connector. Lightning to USB cable and 3.5mm headphone jack adapter is an additional feature. It features a design with a matte finish which is easy to hold. The home button is designed in a way to support pressure sensitivity. There is advancement in the fingerprint sensor which is fast as ever. Quad-LED true tone flash enables you to click unique photographs at night also. 7MP front camera for FaceTime is way more effective in eliminating the need for other video calling apps.

Latest iOs 10.3.3 features:

The iOs 10.3.3 is the recent software update for iPhones. The iOS 10.2.2 is the latest public beta version and there is a slight change in the latest one. It is an important update for Airpods owners. “Find my AirPods” feature allows you to keep a track of your new Apple wireless earbuds case. It supports for playing music on both the earbuds. There has been improvement in performance perks, by providing a great advancement in Siri. This update brings new wallpapers for the iPad Pro 12.9 tablet. There are major developments in Siri which are discussed below:

Siri latest updates:

Siri is an intelligent assistant in Apple iPhones which respond to your various queries. There are major updates for Siri which allows you easy access to various tasks. Siri is now able to check for pending bills, monitor your car locks, and schedule ridesharing trips with much ease. Talking to Siri has become much easier and faster and now you can get things done quickly. You can now add punctuation and smileys in messages and emails. For example- “text Mohan’ see you tomorrow smiley face exclamation mark”. Thus, Siri is making everything easier and faster for Apple users.

Upcoming features for Siri:

They are working more and more to deliver you the best of voice command features. Apple announces recently that major changes are approaching in Siri that will support the digital assistant in iOs 11. Now, there will be a new voice that will be more natural with a more visual interface. This will show different suggestions and follow-ups for your query. Siri is also adding a translation feature in beta for the translation of English to French, German, and more language combinations. It will also use ‘on-device learning’ for being more predictive about your needs. This learning will get synced with all of your Apple devices where you are using the same Apple ID. It remains secure as per the Apple’s terms and conditions. In addition, they will provide a third party support to developers to integrate their applications using voice-control feature.

Upcoming feature for iOs 11:

There are a huge number of features for iOs 11 update:

# Redesigned App Store:

It will be one of the biggest updates in iOs 11 which is providing a redesigned App Store. When you will launch the app, it will take you to the new today tab where you can discover apps. Now you will see new collections, where there will be a list about a particular theme. There will be tutorials also to show you how to do particular things in the new apps. The second new tab will be consisting of games where you can discover new and popular games. There will also previews and tips within the tab itself.

# New message features:

There is advancement in the message app by adding a new app drawer, which contains different stickers. It also allows you to pay contacts via iMessage and a lot more. Apple pay feature uses your fingerprint and transfer money to your Apple Pay Cash Card. There is a new QuickType keyboard where you can type with one thumb with great ease by moving the keys much closer.

# Camera features:

The camera also has some improvements in the iOs 11 with an improvement in the image quality. In addition to this, they have added High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF), that reduces the file size of your photos in iPhone 7 or 7 plus. There is also a built-in QR scanner for camera in the upcoming version. True tone flash is also available in this update with optical image stabilisation.

# Live photo effects:

You can now choose a frame for your live photo to make a key photo. There are also new effects for you live photos. You can now combine live photos to create a longer exposure effect.

# Indoor Maps and Lane navigation:

There are Maps coming for shopping malls and airports in addition to giving information about speed and navigation. The new iOs 11 will bring “Do Not Disturb” feature while you are driving. When you will activate this, the people trying to contact you will get a note that you will see the message after reaching the destination.

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