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It is rightly said Singapore is a visitor’s paradise…. 

If you ask couples where they would like to go for a honeymoon and 9 out of 10 would say that Singapore is their first choice. This place has a different kind of charm altogether. Although, it is considered to be expensive by many, but when you are spending on something good, you should never regret about your decision. Visiting Singapore is like a dream come true for many. And, when you have finally reached there, you must do some of the most interesting things that make Singapore so much special. 

So, here is a list of few amazing things that you should try while being in this city of dragons. Go through these top 6 places and get inspired:

Singapore Botanic Gardens

When you are in Singapore, it is a must to visit the Botanic Gardens. You don’t have to pay any entry fee and the garden is open throughout the day. The lush green plants and a huge variety of flowers will just make your day.

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London is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and why not? Beyond being a hub of history and culture, it's an especially attractive spot for American tourists these days. Why? Well, consider the following:

  • There's no language barrier: although there are many English-speakers in tourist hotspots such as Paris and Amsterdam, not having to worry about potential communication snafus is a plus for first-timers traveling to Europe
  • In terms of airfare, London is one of the cheapest destinations for those looking to make their way into the continent
  • Lack of culture shock: social customs in England aren't dissimilar from those of the United States, making it easy for tourists to communicate and make their way around the city

That being said, traveling anywhere in Europe can quickly add up when you consider the cost of airfare, attractions and lodging. However, the following travel tips will not only keep your budget in check but also make your future trip to London a reality.

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If you’re caught up in the stresses of planning the perfect wedding, it can be easy to forget about organising entertainment as you focus all your attention on choosing the right wedding venue, fitting inside the wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of and making sure the wedding seating plan doesn’t lead to arguments between the in-laws!

Wedding entertainment is a huge part of the big day that shouldn’t be neglected. It can be the difference between a joyful celebration of your marriage full of fun and laughter and bored guests making their excuses and heading home early to escape the tedium.

If you’re unsure what wedding entertainment to arrange, here are some cools ideas that are sure to keep your guests occupied and make your wedding party an occasion to remember.

Live Wedding Music

Music is a massive part of your wedding! From the ceremony to the afternoon drinks reception to the evening wedding reception, the music you choose will become the soundtrack to your memories. You’ll get a beautiful reminder of the day you became husband and wife each time a song you heard during your special day pops up on the radio.

For the wedding reception, a classical string quartet sets an elegant tone for the bridal march, while during the afternoon drinks you could opt for acoustic musicians to create a relaxed atmosphere for your friends and loved ones.

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If you’re a man and you’re invited to a wedding at any time of year, it can be tough to know what to wear. Men tend to be unsure of the colors, tie style, shoes and general look they should go for. 

In the summer, it can get even tougher because there are issues of practicality to think about. For example, if you wore your traditional wool suit you’d likely sweat profusely. At the same time, you might not want to be too casual or look underdressed without a suit or a jacket.

If you’re invited to a summer wedding, the following are some standard fashion tips to keep in mind. These tips work well not just for weddings, but events that might be held in the warmer months. 

Choose the Right Fabrics

Regardless of the style of suit or outfit you’re wearing to a summer wedding, make sure you choose materials appropriately. Linen and cotton are two of the best options because they’re lightweight and breathable. If you want to spend money on one good summer suit, make it an option like beige linen or cotton. You can dress that kind of suit up or down depending on your needs, and also wear it to work. 

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