Today, most of the people are having work pressure and tension in their business and offices and to overcome the stress people experience the entertainment by watching TV, browsing online and streaming videos. Due to lack of spare time, many people try to satisfy themselves by surfing the entertainment channels and music channels on the desktop. By this way, you can find out the popular channels to enjoy. Today, Smart DNS services are used and this popularly known as Unlocator, this helps to fulfill the entertainment needs. Unlocator, runs Linkwork Aps, this is IT firms. The Unlocator was introduced in 2013 year and it has earned high reputation in the global market. With help of Unlocator, today people can unblock the favorite music and video streaming channels.

The Unlocator DNS:
The Unlocator provide free trials for seven days, this used to create the loyalty and trust among the users.  In addition, if the users become satisfied within the trial period, then they can opt for selecting a subscription. The Unlocator never the financial details during the trial period. Once the trial period is complete, then the customer can receive a message regarding the subscription and other details of the amount, this make user to enjoy the uninterrupted streaming service. By using Unlocator service, you can select the plan of 1 a month, six months and 12 months.

Privacy and Security:
The Unlocator ID never gets updates accidentally as you want to connect to the network. The Unlocator dns are safe for the customer usage and that provides a complete transparent service. The Unlocator DNS never hamper the services such as banking services and social media. With the unlocator, one can keep the personal date safe. Using Unlocator App, you can retain the personal details like email address, IP address and so on.

Unlocator features:
The Unlocator sports the utilities and functionalities and even it compel to make the DNS service. You can able to unblock the streaming channels more than 200 channels and they are easy to set up and install. The Unlocators supports all multiple devices and even it does not require the logging. You can get customer support for all time. These days, the user can attain bonus advantages from Unlocator because it allows the developers for developing different applications. To support various platforms, Unlocatr developed different apps such a Fastlocator, Unlocator Updater, Unlocator Auto IP Updater and Unlocator Support.

The Unlocator Updater:
The Unlocator Updater runs on the Windows X OS. By using this app, you can able to update your IP address in the account. In a specified interval, the Unlocator Updater updates the customers IP. The Fastlocator applications are really helpful in keeping the user IP safe. This app also runs on Windows 7.1 iOS and even other versions which have been introduced in recent stages. When you are using 7.1 or Android OS, then you can install Unlocator Auto IP Updater and this tool makes the IP update in the certain interval. Even more, after establishing the IP connection with Unlocator network, you can also direct this application for IP updates.

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