No sense in arguing over why your business should be active on Instagram – with over 500 million users, this social network equips you with an immense marketing platform to get to world-wide potential customers.

To better your Instagram marketing efforts, you need worthy inclusions of Instagram analytics tools to your marketing skills arsenal in order to steadily increase your following.

After all, the more people who come in contact with your brand or the more people who follow you on Instagram, the larger the target audience that you can reach with each post. Here are seven tips that you can easily implement to build up your brand on Instagram.

1. Take advantage of Instagram tools.

Over the past year or so, Instagram embarked on a mission to roll out business profiles in response to their growing demand by entrepreneurs and marketers. Instagram’s business profiles densely mirror the Facebook business profiles; in that, they’re complete with a detailed ‘contact’ call-to-action to allow Instagram users to call, text, or email the business.

To supplement the contact call-to-action, these business profiles have access to Instagram analytics allowing users to monitor engagement and impression data. You can also use a tool like Owlmetrics to get access to detailed Instagram analytics. If your Instagram account is for business purposes, you might want to make considerations of switching your personal profile to an Instagram business profile in order to take advantage of these options. 

A better understanding of exactly how your target audience interacts with your posts goes a long way to ensure that you make well-informed adjustments to boost your engagement.

2. Interact with your followers.

If someone finds the time to comment on one or more of your posts, make sure you issue a prompt reply and don’t forget to thank him or her for the comment or question. A quick response time and simple engagement with your target audience can secure a loyal customer for you, as well as a raving promoter for your brand.

Be creative in finding ways to get the target audience to initiate interactions with your posts. A simple ‘Tag two of your friends who would love this’, can propel your brand in the spotlight of a larger audience, as well as sway a couple of new, interested followers your way. Since the new followers are introduced to your Instagram business profile by a friend, they’re less likely to resist the referral. You may end up netting a good number of followers from the tagged Instagram users. 

3. Don’t overwhelm your target audience.

You might have to post often enough to uphold your brand’s relevance, but at the same time you don’t have to overwhelm, and potentially drive away, your followers with overly frequent posts.

Unfortunately, there’s no general posting formula that works out for every brand out there. You have to proactively test and pay attention to how the target audience responds. When starting out, try to post twice a day and alternate the times of the day you post to be sure of when your highest engagement comes to pass. 

Then, experiment by increasing and decreasing the amount of posts you put up per day; be keen to note your engagement levels. Once you are certain of exactly when your engagement levels are best, the effort is far from over – an increase in the number of your followers necessitates the need for strategic adjustments. Optimizing your post frequency should be a never ending errand.

4. Repurpose posts from relevant platforms and accounts.

Are you finding it hard to come up with enough posts to suffice your followers? You might want to consider repurposing posts from similar, relevant Instagram accounts. Just be sure to acknowledge the original source in your post; tag their profile and be professional enough to mention them in your caption.

Today, there are several available apps that aid in downloading Instagram photos and save the photos to your camera roll. These apps equip you with a tool to easily repost the photos. Nurture a habit of repurposing posts from Instagram accounts that crowd with an audience you would love to have following your brand. Most of these accounts are kind enough to reciprocate the favor and repurpose your posts as soon as they spot you sharing theirs.

5. Strategize your bio link.

Instagram is undoubtedly a fun and spontaneous social media platform. But if you are to put it to use as a marketing tool, you might have to be a little more strategic with it. ‘Big boys’ on Instagram’s marketing scene, such as Nike and Starbucks, find it wise to prepare their posts well in advance.

Regardless of whether your enterprise is a small brand, or even a one-man show, you still can cultivate an impeccable presence on Instagram. Make use of your bio link to redirect traffic to your landing page (comprising the same posts you upload on Instagram), to amass leads, add new subscribers to your blog, promote your ecommerce site, as well as to gather entries for a giveaway.

6. Take advantage of the trending hashtags.

Instagram’s Explore feature is the platform’s recent update that allows you to find posts relating to the trending hashtags, such as #FullMoon and #LoveWins. In case some of these trending hashtags are seemingly relevant to your brand, add them in your scheduled posts to boost your posts’ discovery.

Also, Instagram’s search command features an update that allows you to conduct your searches by emoji. Can emojis make sense for your brand’s marketing strategy? If so, you might want to consider how they can be an appropriate choice to convey what your copy can’t and how they can better the discovery of your posts.

7. Partner with influencers on Instagram.

Seek out influencers, within your specific niche, who are excellent in showcasing your products in a fun, innovative, and captivating way. Luckily, there are over 40,000 influencers on Instagram across all verticals, including beauty, fashion, home décor, health and wellness, food – and many more!

Instagram influencers are simply modern-day celebrities who are responsible for the creation of high-quality digital posts. They usually house a huge follower base with most of these followers relying on their opinions for the latest trends and products. Aligning your brand with the right and reliable influencers on Instagram can expand your follower reach and brand awareness. 

There are plenty of ways to work with Instagram influencers in an attempt to promote your product. From giveaways to contests, agree on a strategic angle to carry on a good working relationship. 

Do a follow up on your influencer’s Instagram post to ascertain the presence of your brand’s handle; they can either tag it in a social media copy or in the photo. Don’t forget to request your influencer to make inclusions of relevant calls-to-action.

Incorporating contests and influencers into your Instagram marketing strategy, taps into two of the most promising ways to find new Instagram users who you can easily turn into loyal customers.


There’s no greater way to step up your marketing game than being an active Instagram user. 

This social media and marketing platform is constantly making adjustments and improvements for you and your brand to reap the most out of it. In addition, Instagram incorporates tactics and tools to improve your engagement, organization, and visibility. Explore the tips above and find out which ones best-suit you and your brand.

Do you have a marketing tip of your own? Please take a moment to share your best Instagram marketing tips for marketers in the comments section below.