If you’re looking for your next home to be as environmentally as possible, then you would be hard pressed to not look at a steel building kit.

Steel is being used for more and more buildings today, for both homes and commercial/industrial buildings alike, because of the wide variety of benefits that it provides over other kinds of building materials.

In the last decade alone, over half a million steel framed homes have been built, which is a very impressive figure. The fact that steel buildings are eco-friendly is only one of the many benefits that they will provide you with.

Here are the top five reasons why steel building homes are environmentally friendly:

1. Less Waste Is Used

During the construction phase of building a steel home, less waste will be used in contrast to building another type of home. Not only do steel buildings require less materials to be wasted when the project is finished, but they are easier and quicker to set up than other kinds of homes as well.

This means that your contractors will use up less fuel when building your home, will not waste water or wood timber, and as an additional pro there will be less noise, dust, and waste that could potentially upset the neighbors.

2. Superior Indoor Air Quality

A steel framed house is going to have much better indoor air quality than any other kind of house. The reason for this comes down to science: steel framed homes do not emit harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so there is no reason for you to install dehumidifiers or air flow devices either, which are very energy consuming.

3. You Will Save On Energy

A steel framed house has much thicker layers of insulation, which decreases the amount of temperature that you lose and means that you will drastically save on energy over the long term. The average steel framed house, assuming it is insulated, will allow you to save up to over thirty percent of energy costs in contrast to another house.

4. Less Trees Will Be Cut Down

Did you know that the typical American home requires ten to twelve trees to be cut down for it to be built? Since your house is entirely made out of steel, no trees will be cut down at all for you.

5. It’s More Sustainable

Steel is by far the most sustainable material when it comes to building structures. It is ninety eight percent recyclable, can withstand high winds better, and allows you to greatly reduce on waste. The cost of maintaining a steel home is significantly cheaper in comparison to any other home.

Making A Steel Building Your Home

As an added bonus, steel buildings are practically fireproof thanks to their steel construction. Making a steel home your next home will be a great eco-friendly initiative for you to take, as it will save you big on energy costs over the long term while also being more protective of the environment.

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