The condition among children nowadays is very apprehensive related to their habits in spending too much time in front of TV or computer. There are a wide range of backwashes from those. Majority children who have too much time spent to watch a TV or play games, they will not be able to easily leave it. It means that they are addicted. So, it is important to figure out the problem by finding the other beneficial activities that will stimulate the development of children’s brain instead of getting them addicted.

Avoid to Introduce TV and Computer for Toddler Under 2 Years

Based on a research, the children who are under 2 years will get disorders of psychological development when they have been introduced to television and video games. You need to determine the maximum of duration for the kids when they enable to watch TV or play games. Keep in mind that the children need to play and interact to their surroundings to develop their social interaction skill.

Make Rules about Watching television and Playing Games

It is better if you allow your children to enjoy the TV or Play games on computer after they finished their tasks for instance studying or the other. Do not ever to take the television in the kids’ bedroom. It is much better if you take the television in the living room in order to make you easy to control the shows watched.

Let Your Kids Interact to the Environment Naturally

Ask to play around on the outside so that your children will meet their friends. When playing with their real friends, the kids will realize that real life is also no less enjoyable than TV, movies and the games in the computer.

Keep In Touch With Family

Even though you have much works to do, you should spare your time for your family. Give several times to gather with your family including your children. Spending the time by holding a backyard party or even going around the certain interesting place can be your option.