Once someone you love crosses over to the other side, there is a complete sense of loss. You wish you had remembered to tell them more just how much you loved them or you want them to know that they are missed so very much. Because so many of us have unanswered questions or just need to know that those on the other side are still with us, we seek out psychic mediums to try to communicate in a way we are unable to do.

So, how does a psychic medium contact your loved ones who have crossed over? Actually, there are three distinct ways in which to communicate with your loved ones. Some psychics only have the ability to utilise one method of communication whilst others are able to communicate in all three ways. Here is a brief summary of how a psychic can contact your loved ones.

What a Medium ‘Hears’ – Clairaudience

Mediums have a hard time explaining exactly how it is they communicate because they are not actually ‘hearing’ your loved one in the way they would hear someone in the physical realm. Rather, it is a perception of language and often it is a bit unclear even to them. For example, a psychic medium may ask you if the name ‘Joey” means something to you and you answer in the negative. After a bit of prodding, they realise the name could be Zoe, or Chloe or something quite like or rhyming with Joey. This ability to hear those on the other side is called clairaudience.

A Psychic Medium ‘Senses’ Your Loved Ones – Clairsentience

Some psychic mediums get a sense that someone is there, a feeling, as it were. They can feel such things as moods, pain and even hot or cold. If your loved one is trying to convey a feeling which the medium can sense, this is called clairsentience. This is one of the most common ways in which those who met an untimely, and often horrific, death will communicate. When crossing over they were unable to leave extremely strong feelings behind, especially those accompanying the manner in which they died.

A Medium’s ‘Visions’ – Clairvoyance

Unfortunately, clairvoyance is often misused by the general public as it is a very particular way in which a psychic medium can contact your loved ones. This is what you are looking for in a telepathic as this is, of the three, the most distinct form of communication. Here the medium is able to get actual visual impressions of places your loved ones have been and messages they are trying to impart. When looking to communicate with someone who has gone before you, try to find a clairvoyant telepath.

Even so, no matter which of these three gifts a psychic medium possesses, it is good to know that there is another plane of existence out there and that they are still able to get messages across. Using clairaudience, clairsentience or clairvoyance, a psychic medium is able to contact your loved ones. TheCircle Psychics want you to know that when your loved ones do have something to say, they will find a way to come through. Just be patient.