The Big Apple is a budding photographer’s dream. The curvature of the shadows in magic hour or the highlights of the passing parade in the noon sun, even the millions of pigeon flocks that create some of the most stunning backdrops against the Empire State Building. New York City can keep any photographer, even those of us with more experience, busy for decades. There is never a dull moment to be had in New York. Some of the best locations below include shooting on a cruise which hardly occurs to many photographers, but it happens to present some of the most thrilling shots known to man.

Photography Hot Spot 1:

You don’t have to go to Japan to be able to experience the backdrop and beauty of cherry blossom trees. Sakura Park is one of the most incredible pathways to experience through a lens. Some of the world’s top winners in photographic competitions hail from this very spot. Make sure you catch the blossoms mid March to April, that is when they are in full bloom.

Photography Hot Spot 2:

Giant billboards, reflective glass and light shining from all directions. With the continuous hustle and bustle a slow shutter speed can electrify your shots to no end. The commercial photographer’s dream is 5th Avenue, New York City. Why? Because it never has a dull moment or a dull face. If you’re a budding street photographer, then this is your area! 

Photography Hot Spot 3:

A view from the water is always best. A cruise through gives you a completely different perspective of the most iconic views presented by New York City. We are talking Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and so many more. A cruise of this nature is something that most photographers do not think of and in the world of photography you want that one thing that stands out. Book a cruise and go get your best shot. 

Photography Hot Spot 4:

The Belvedere Castle was built for show, and so that is really what you should be using it for. A castle as a backdrop or sections of it make your photographs something special and unique, seemingly extracted from a fairytale. Located in Central Park, New York City, it’s a hub for famous photographers and you never know whose lens you may bump into. 

Photography Hot Spot 5:

The streets of New York City seem like you could be doing this anywhere else in the world, but New York City is different. The people all have a ‘New York’ look on their face, even the ones that are hugging the pavement. It’s the shadows and the sweeping colors that make each and every ‘New York’ photograph something unique. The best street in the photography ‘to-shoot’ manual is without a doubt Broadway. It stretches 53km and that’s probably a years worth of shooting material if not more. But it’s not the main road, it’s the myriad off-cut roads that are the real gems. Just make doubly sure if you’re carrying your equipment that you have a friend or three with you. 

Now go out there and start taking pictures!