The director James Gun said the story of Guardians of the Galaxy will affect the other Marvel’s movies. In a certain interview, James confessed that this latest movie he worked in is related to The Avengers 3.

James said that Thanos as the main enemy that has risen in The Avengers (2012) is such a very dangerous creature who are so expert in killing people. Thanos kills the family of Gamora and Nebula and also take care of them as his own kids. The two are his live gun.

It is different with the character played by Chris Pratt that is Peter Quill aka Star Lord, James said that he had been kidnapped from the Earth since he was 8 years old and a group of thieves and a contrabandist take care of him. In spite of his annoying attitude, he is very good in conquer women and in fact, he is full of luck. 

In the other interview session, Michael Rooker as the character Yondu in the Guardians of the Galaxy explained the relationship between his character and Star Lord. He has a plan to pick him up from the earth but somehow, he cancelled this mission. Yondu has been accept the reality that Peter has been able and brave to take his own decision. 

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