As the new Disney powered Star Wars has set new world records that may never be beaten, not all movie goers are pleased. One movie critic is actually fuming. You may have never heard of the movie blogger Dylan Sporn, but once you read what he has to say, you will assuredly agree with him on some of the valid points that he makes. 

Same Story, Different Movie

If you ever saw Star Wars 4, 5 and 6, then you would know that this movie was basically a reboot that combined all three plots with a small twist. A rebel girl whose parents were killed, living in a desert town, who finds out later that she’s the last remaining Jedi. A Death Star like weapon that can kill four planets at once. The return of Han Solo and Company. The end fight to take out the Death Star-like weapon … there’s really nothing new at all. 

No Backstory On Han Solo’s Kid

Where did Han Solo’s kid come from? And how is he supposedly connected to the Force? When did Leia get pregnant and how come the audience was never informed of this in any previous movie? They basically just add this in to make for more plot room. 

Lack Of Story Behind Luke’s Hiding

There is no real story as to why Luke goes into hiding. They say he felt bad. Really? That’s your reasoning for him running away to some far off planet where he lives alone. By the way, how does he get food and water? Is this shaping up to be another “Castaway”?

No Background On The Supreme Ruler

What about the Gollum like Supreme Ruler? Where did this gigantic fellow come from? How did the First Order come into power? What ever happened to the Empire? And why do these people blindly follow him? Seriously.There’s far too many holes in the plot for the movie to even be enjoyable. Unless you like thrown together scripts that leave too many unanswered questions.

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