Recently, the second sequel of Journey to the center of the earth movie is released. The title is Journey 2: the Mysterious Island (2012). Now, the New Line Cinema party states that the third series will be ready to release in 2014.

Since released at early 2012, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is recognized succeed in reaching a profit up to 271 million US dollars. Regarding this achievement, it is not surprised that New Line Cinema party feels enthusiast to start preparing the next sequel.

Based on the news, the film director, Brad Peyton and also the manuscript writers, Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn, have already signed the contract to work the third sequel which is planned to be created more stately than the earlier.

On the third sequel, the theme will be so different as well. The experience will be much bigger and more growing the elements of mythology. Journey 2 is only the new version from the previous one meanwhile the third sequel is much higher in level than the two both.

But for the actors, New Line Cinema party does not decide yet whether Dwayne Johnson and Josh Hutcherson will star this movie or not.

As known that Josh Hutcherson is being busy by the promo of his new movie titled The Hunger Games which is scheduled to release at 23 March 2012. Meanwhile Dwayne is reported having a number of widescreen projects such as Fast 6 and Hercules.

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