There’s no business like show business, right? People dream of getting into the entertainment industry whether that be as an actress or actor, as a musician, or some other way. They dream of becoming a star, a household name, someone who is loved by all. But, despite their best efforts, the entertainment industry can be one of the most difficult to get into.

While many have starry-eyed dreams of the silver screen or a passion for being on stage, there are a number of other ways to get into the entertainment industry, and one of them is starting out on your own. There’s a lot more to entertainment than just being on the forefront—there’s everything behind the scenes from illustration and videography to lighting and recording. If you’re dying to get into the entertainment industry but aren’t sure you’re cut out to act or sing, here are some business ideas that you can take and run with to get your start in entertainment:

Write Song Lyrics

If you have a knack for writing poetry or song lyrics, you could get into the music side of the entertainment industry and make some good money. Whether you want to work freelance or create an official LLC, you can start your own business writing song lyrics for musicians who are going on stage. If you have experience writing music as well, you could offer those services too, making yourself even more valuable and helping you work your way up in the entertainment business.

Write Screenplays

If you’re a skilled writer and find yourself always guessing what will happen during shows and movies or criticizing the way things were written, you could consider writing screenplays. (Especially if you have some original ideas. There have been a lot of reboots lately) 

Like writing songs and lyrics, you could opt to go freelance or start a whole new business and bring on other writers as employees. It can be hard to get into, but as you get more experience under your belt, you could make your way up to the big leagues.

Write eBooks

There are eBooks available for everything these days. From eBooks for business to electronic novels, eBooks sell quite well. Whether you want to write novels geared toward young adults, or you want to share your wisdom and write how-tos for other people looking to get into the entertainment industry, you could make a lot of money and build a good reputation for yourself writing books online.

Get into Management

With so many people wanting to get into the entertainment industry, there’s a lot of opportunities to step in and help out. There are a lot of talented, undiscovered people out there who could use someone to help them book gigs, manage their schedule, and help them rise through the ranks and grow. If you’re organized, good with people, and have some good connections, starting your own talent management business could be a great way to go. 

Run a Venue

A lot of stars get their start at local venues and starting up a venue of your own not only allows you to get into the entertainment industry by giving them their start, but it also gives you the chance to open up an establishment whether it be a bar, restaurant, or another type of venue where entertainers can perform. By opening a venue of your own, you can book local talent on your stage to perform for the crowds that come into your establishment and help them work their way up, making your establishment famous in the process.

Become a Makeup Artist

If you love to do hair and makeup or are simply fascinated by the transformations that makeup can perform, you could consider starting a makeup artistry business. Large and small studios around the world are always in need of skilled makeup artists who can transform their actors from young to old or from human to alien. Like writing, you can freelance or start your own studio—whichever you prefer.

Offer Marketing

If it weren’t for marketing, nobody would know about anything. They wouldn’t know about the movies coming out, the latest songs that were released, or the next best thing coming to the juice aisle in the grocery store. Marketing is an extremely important part of any business, and if you’re a marketing guru, you could start your own agency and offer marketing services to entertainment companies and individuals in the industry.

Final Thoughts

Getting into the entertainment industry doesn’t require you become an actor or actress. You can pave your own way by starting your own business offering a service that those in the entertainment industry need. From marketing services to writing screenplays, getting into the entertainment industry is easier than ever. What have you always dreamed of doing?

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