Fans of the beloved series Game of Thrones want to be transported to the fictional and fantastical realm of Westeros. It’s possible to travel to the incredible destinations from that world, or at least the closest options that you can get. 

In case you aren’t aware, Game of Thrones is an award-winning television series that has been shocking millions of viewers for almost a decade. The epic fantasy was adapted from the best-selling book series A Song of Ice and Fire written by George RR Martin — he has sold more than seventy million copies across the world, and there are still two additions he has yet to finish. The majority of the drama takes place on a continent called Westeros, which is divided into various lands loyal to different rulers and houses. It’s easy to imagine that these imposing stone castles and palaces beside shimmering blankets of water are all the products of Hollywood magic. The creators actually shoot in real locations instead of superimposing digital settings on a green screen.

The show uses beautiful vistas and historical cities from around the world to represent the main settings of Westeros. For instance, Dubrovnik in Croatia is used as the filming location for the capital city of King’s Landing. Fans are flocking to the location to take pictures and experience the guided tours so much that Dubrovnik might lose its UNESCO World Heritage Status because of crowding. If you want to base your travels off of your love of the series but don’t want to be surrounded by swarms of desperate tourists, you should go to other locations that look and feel like the settings. One way to do this is to go to the website Game of Canada to find the parks and sites that fit exactly with the show’s prime destinations — this way you will get to relive the same wonderful fantasy and save a pretty penny on the total travel costs.

Instead of going all of the way to Croatia, you can go to the old town in Quebec City to experience the quaint cobblestone streets and historical buildings that look exactly like the ones in King’s Landing. If you have always wanted to go to the lush fields of The Reach’s capital Highgarden, you should visit the Royal Botanical Gardens to take in the largest garden in the country filled with massive collections of seasonal blooms — go during a special event to be serenaded by music during your promenade. Or you can go to a place like Banff National Park with shimmering turquoise lakes and breathtaking sunshine that is reminiscent of the sparkling waters of the Summer Sea and Dorne’s water gardens.  

You may not be able to afford to go to the incredibly expensive and crowded filming spots in Morocco or Croatia, but you can get in your car and take a road trip down to gorgeous sites in your own backyard. The moment that you take in the scenery, you will feel like you stepped inside of an episode of your favourite TV show.

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