A movie project that is long enough to be delayed which tells about the story life of Freddie Mercury now is starting to find the bright spot. The movie evidently is ready to process the shooting in 2013 in order to catch the target of the show times in 2014.

Actually, the movie that does not have any title yet has been planned to be produced since 2009. However, it is always delayed due to the tight strict licensing issues from the management party of the Queen Band group. Now, Brian may as the producer finally gets such certainty to start the shooting process and the show time on cinema. Sacha Baron Cohen is being to be the Freddie’s character.

This movie is ready to release at the early 2014. The movie manuscript about Biopic Freddie Mercury will be written by Peter Morgan who focuses to lift the victory story the group band through the song “We are the Champions” in 1985. Besides Brian may, this movie is also produced by Graham King and Robert De Niro from TriBeCa Production.

There is an issue that Katy Perry also gets involved in this project as the Freddie’s girlfriend named Mary Austin. But, Katy denies this issue hardly. However, she doesn’t deny that she is one of the admirers of Queen.

As you know that Queen is a rock music group coming from Great Brittany which was glorious since 70s to 90s. Until now, this music group is still famous especially because of the songs such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” and also “We Will Rock You”.