After his press conference in Beijing, China, a couple weeks ago, the movie The Crossing now releases the photo of the actors, Takeshi Kaneshiro. The movie directed by the director of Mission: Impossible II (2000) John Woo is considered as to be the best creation because he confessed that he fell so satisfied to the movie, among the others he ever directed. Specially, Woo expected that this movie will inspire emotional reaction among viewers especially love and romance. This movie is based on the drowned of Taiping ship in 1949. Taiping is a China ship which was drowned after getting collision with another ship in the journey to Taiwan at January 27, 1949. More than 1.500 passengers and the crews were died.

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After publishing one of the scene titled “I Can’t Do It” a couple days ago, now Fury gives some leaks more about the other scenes. Different with the previous one, in the scene is only 2 minutes 13 seconds length, it is dominated the tension as well as the sound crossfire. The video of the scene named 'Sherman Tiger Fight'.

At the first seconds, David Ayer voice as the director, screen play and also the producer become the narration of the video. He explains about how the usage of the tank in the Fury movie, just like described in the footage of the scene 'Sherman Tiger Fight' later. The narration is continued by Ethan Smith who is also the producer of Fury, David Willey, the tank museum owner and Andrew Menzies, the production designer.

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Having ideal life with wealthy basically cannot guarantee happiness. It is what fell by an outstanding lawyer in Chicago, Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.). when talking about wealthy as the main part of happiness, Hank must be so happy, since he already has everything, a beautiful wife, successful job, luxury home, sport car. But behind his all perfect life, it turns out that he has messy family. He has a dark story about his life. He is also being sued for divorce by his wife, Lisa Palmer (Sarah Lancaster).

One day, his mother Mary Palmer (Catherine Cummings) passed away. This circumstance makes Hank won’t go home even though he should be there because he is in the middle of handling a big case. He becomes so much sad, moreover he has bad relationship with his family especially his dad namely Joseph Palmer (Robert Duvall) who is a senior judge in Carlinville. In fact, Hank even never visits his town for 20 years and never gives any word to his family.

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For you Dracula movie lovers, you might be very enthusiasm if you know that the Vampire presented by Bram Stoker will be back to the Hollywood movie. Moreover, instead of re-adapting the novel which was appeared in 1897, the project prefers to bring another story about Dracula through the title “Dracula Untold”.

As the result, after being announced to public, various interesting stories are following the journey of the film. In fact, when Gary Shore is announced as the director, many fans seem not too care with his progress which is unseen yet in the film world.

They has already trusted the producer, Michael De Luca to make sure the movie will not leave the points of the previous story even though it brings the different theme.

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