A young man named Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) gets a trap in an underground lift with some packages towards to a place on the ground. When being arrived, it turns out that Thomas has been waited by a group of young men in a place named Glade. This place turns out that is placed in the middle of a giant maze. Thomas woke up with having no memory, getting confused with his own condition and where he is actually. Thomas and the group of young men are a part of a research conducted by an organisation named W.C.K.D

It turns out that the group of young teenagers have been trapped in Glade within three years. They are leaded by a man named Alby (Aml Ameen), the first who arrived in Glade as the same as Thomas’s way. Alby explains all things happened to Thomas who has been officially the new resident of Glade. In that place, the Gladers try to survive by planting and build a place to stay, hunt and so forth. 

Alby confirms to Thomas that there are three rules need to obey by the Glade’s residents. First, they should be neat for working in order to fulfil their daily need. Second, there is no attack among them-selves. The third as the most important, they are not allowed to enter the maze. It is only one group that are allowed to do so, Runner which is leaded by Minho (Ki Hon Lee). They do duty to enter to the Maze and find a way out.

Thomas is very different with the other residents. He has a big curiosity and stubborn. He often asks why they do not try to get out from Glade and browse the Maze. One of the Gladers, Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), explains to Thomas that they have been trying to find a way out through the Maze, but they always fail. Finally, he decides to gather with Runner. Along with Minho, they two both help each other to find a way out.

The movie is adapted from the creature of James Dashner. It is actually the first series of book’s Trilogy which is also planned to be filmed as the sequel of The Maze Runner. One factor which makes this movie interesting and attracting is that the actors played on the movie are potential youth actors.

The other thing you need to see from the movie is the acting of Will Poulter who plays the character Gally. In the movie, Will succeeds to change his image from a kid actor become a potential adult one. His character in the movie is to be an unadorned, brave and rude person. But it brings him on the next level of his career in acting world.  It is very different with his previous characters in some other movies, for instance We're The Millers (2013). 

What is the complete story? Does Thomas Succeed to find the way of maze out? Find the answer by watching the movie The Maze Runner