Three best friends since they were kids, Manolo (Diego Luna), Joaquin (Channing Tatum), and Maria (Zoe Saldana) promise to keep their hometown in Mexico. The funny is the triangle love appearing among them. Either Manolo or Joaquin fall in love to Maria. One day, they play in their hometown and Maria finds a cute piggy in a cage at farm. It is so pity for her then Maria tries to let the piggy go. Instead of free, all pigs and buffaloes run away from the farm to the main road.

It makes the circumstance getting messy because the livestock get scattered. The result, Maria who is the daughter of a general Posada (Carlos Alazraqui), is punished by her father. She is sent to Spain in order to go to school on there until she grows up. Knowing that, Manolo and Joaquin feel so sad leaved by Maria. But Maria promises that she will come back to them.

Manolo himself is a son of an outstanding Matador in the village and he is great in playing guitar. Meanwhile, Joaquin is a brave kid, the descendant of a hero who is respected by the residents in the village.

Some years later, they have grown up. Manolo becomes to be a handsome and talented matador and also great at playing guitar, whereas Joaquin becomes a gallant soldier and brae to protect their village from any criminals. Meanwhile, Maria finally comes back to the village and now to be a beautiful, smart and classy girl.

At this point, the problems start arising. Manolo and Joaquin state their feeling and propose Maria. It makes Maria confused. But, her father likes Joaquin more. Then they should leave the problems for a while since there is a fierce criminal named Chakal (Dan Navarro).

The story is a part of new animation movie produced by Guillermo Del Toro titled The Book of Life. After reaching success producing some fabulous and funny animation movies such as Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) and Puss in Boots (2011), del Torro back to show his magic touch in this movie. by getting in Jorge R. Gutierrez as the director, the two succeed produce the movie and take this to be entertaining show for all stages including teenagers and kids.

Even though it takes from a not too well-known fairy tale from Mexico and heavy enough but Gutierrez can make it to be lighter and even funny. The story is easy to understand and good to see. Besides, your eyes will be spoiled with a high-end animation technology on this animation movie.

You will also be entertained with humour contained in the dialogues among the characters. In addition, the actors as the voices are well-known in their field. You know Channing Tatum and Ice Cube as the Candle Makers who haven tested in several comedy movies. It has been known that the two have collaborated in action comedy movie, 21 Jump Street (2012) and 22 Jump Street (2014).

This animation can be considered as a very musical film. It is because there are many songs special in this film. It is related to the main character, Manolo who is great at music and playing guitar. Manolo which is voiced by Diego Luna sing songs to seduce Maria. So, besides funny this movie is also romantic.

What is the end of the story? Who will get Maria’s love? Just watch The Book of Life at any cinemas you love.

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