It is storied that there are two best friends since they were kids, Laine (Olivia Cooke) and Debbie (Shelley Hennig) who love to play an ancient game using and old board named Ouija when they were kids. Based on the myth, the board can call a spirit and can be such a bridge between the spirit and the player who has a certain relationship with it. Since they were still kids, the two tried to play it. The time goes by, the two were grown. When cleaning her house’s roof, Debbie find the Ouija board again.

Without Laine knows, Debbie tries to play the game alone. Then she did it. She can really communicate to a spirit who is in her house. After playing, Debbie often does weird things and loves to be alone in the house rather than hanging out with friends. In fact, her best friend, Laine is not permitted to come in her house anymore. Laine is curious and becomes worry. Finally a worst thing happens. Debbie is found hanging in her house. She is dead.

Laine does not believe at all that her best friend is suicide. Laine tries to find out what really happened. Finally she finds the Ouija board when she checks into Debbie’s house as her parent’s asking. Laine is curious whether Debbie’s death has a relationship with the board. In order to answer her suspicion, Laine asks her sister, Sarah (Ana Coto), her boyfriend, Trevor (Daren Kagasoff), Isabelle (Bianca A. Santos), and Debbie’s boyfriend, Pete (Douglas Smith) to play the board to figure out the death of Debbie.

The story above is just a short incident you will find in a newest horror movie titled Ouija. Broadly, the movie is telling about a group of friends who have to face their biggest fear when they succeed in raising a dark power from a playing board named Ouija. The movie is presented by the director, Stiles White. Beforehand, he is well-known as the writer of Box Office film, The Possesion (2012) and Knowing (2009).

For a low budget horror movie, this movie produced by Michael Bay gives enough tension for the viewers. The movie also presents several young actors and actresses. However, it doesn’t mean that those lessen the quality of the movie. Instead, their appearance makes the movie more familiar for you thanks to their great acting.

Besides, the spooky time appeared on the movie is often happened especially after the five start playing the Ouija board. You will find typical spooky scenes such as the door which is opened itself, the light which is off in a sudden, the moving chair and also tug of war with the mysterious spirit.

It is ensured that you will be entertained with a line of appearance of spirit in the movie. and surely, they are definitely shocking. Moreover, the music behind the scene is spooky sound as well that accompanies the appearance’s scene. Do Laine and her friends succeed to find out and figure out the truth behind Debbie’s death? Or instead, they get unexpected bad things happened to them? Just find out by watching the movie in the cinemas you love.

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