Hoping to own more spare time for family, Will Atenton (Daniel Craig) finally decide to resign from his own job as the editor in such a publishing company in New York city, USA.  

Then Will move to a small town together with his wife, Libby (Rachel Weisz) and his daughters Trish (Taylor Geare) and Dee Dee (Claire Geare). Gradually, they work together to renovate their house as their desire.

At the middle of their harmony formed in their new house, Dee Dee start grumble and feel not stand because she often see such a strange man at window. Besides, residents around the house often show a less friendly attitude to Will’s family without any reason.

Will’s suspicion to the new house is finally revealed. The house that previously occupied by Ward’s family is a silent witness from sadistic murder tragedy done by Peter Ward who is considered too heart to kill his own wife and kids. This matter is definitely disgrace for the society around and will always to be seen cynically to whoever staying in. 

Further Will investigate the history about the house, slowly but sure he finally find that Peter Ward is himself who is previously considered as psychopath by residents surroundings.  

As a whole, the movie created by Jim Sheridan which has duration in 92 minutes is full of mysteriousness as if would ask the viewers to little in concentration in the plot. Besides, the movie from Dream House also gives a message about loyalty and a chance to attitude change towards to positive direction.

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