What will happen when a teenager suddenly obtains certain special power as though superhero? Of course such a teenager will be shocked and then addicted to apply the power over and over.  

The Chronicle Movie tells about three teenagers named Andrew Detmer (Dane Dehaan), Matt Garetty (Alex Russell) and Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) who inadvertently found such a cave whereas it is found a mysterious object inside. When they touch three things which is similar to star form, the cave circumstance suddenly bright which previously absolutely dark and make those fainting.

When Andrew, Matt and Steve become conscious, they just aware that the mysterious object have given such a super power for them. They are able to move certain object by mind, having a stronger body and also could do fly. So that almost all of days Andrew always document their exercise to perfect the power.

More frequent they practice, those three youth increasingly aware of the weakness as well as the superiority each other. With life experience in less harmonious family, Andrew deemed as the more super rather than Matt and Steve. It is caused by the labile Andrew’s emotion thanks to the harsh treatment done by his father who is alcoholic.

Over time, emotion of Andrew is start difficult to be controlled due to the high confidence by owning the super power owned. See the signs that are not good from Andrew, Matt and Steve try to advise him. But unfortunately, it gains the unwell respond from Andrew because they are expected to handcuff his freedom. 

This movie arable by Josh Tank at first glance has a quite simple story whereas such a youth in advertently obtain super power. However, the drama unsure contains in its movie is quite support. Moreover, it is added by action effects which are spoiled your eyes.  

Behind the entertaining scenes, the movie which has duration in 83 minutes turns out offers the solidarity and responsibility to all capability owned by others.

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