It turns out that not only conventional movie is able to make you smile, laugh and sad but also in a silent movie which is packed in black and white picture. This kind of movie is also able to reach such a thing. At least, those could be felt after watching The Artist movie.

The story is quite simple. Background at 1927 year to 1931 year when Hollywood is still named as Hollywoodland, The Artist tells about George Valentine (Jean Dujardin) who is tremendous actor at the time. Almost all of movies starred by George reach success and all people adore him include Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo).

However with the times, silent movie is started to replace the movie with using dialogue in the storyline. George who still won’t change the old style of his action is slowly leaved by his fans. In fact, peppy who at the beginning is only a grass root, is started to be his competitor after her movies are welcomed by audience enthusiastically.

Peppy who since a long time ago has fallen in love with George, is still keeping in watching in her idol. In fact, when George gets bankruptcy, tacitly peppy still helps him.

Overall, The Artist is a complete movie however no dialogue and only rely on music to strong the storyline. The movie directed by Michel Hazanavicius is able to entertain you. To make the viewer easier to understand, Hazanavicius add introductory text in order to understand what the scene intent.

It is important to be noted that the quality of jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo are also the other key of the success. The two both are success to bring their silent characters. The expression given by Jean Dujardin is incredible.

Thanks to the hard work, the actor from France gets trophy Oscar 2012 for the best male actor. Not only that, Jean also succeed to achieve almost all of prestigious award like Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA Film Awards and Cannes Film Festival for the same category.

Even though The Artist is silent movie, it doesn’t mean that there is no surprise in it. Several surprises will appear in the movie duration in 100 minutes. Let’s find out what the surprise by watching this movie on your beloved cinema!

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