Movie of John Carter is a widescreen work adapted from the first novel of Edgar Rice Burrouhs titled “A Princess of Mars”. Edgar Rice Burroughs is not a new name in creation of fictional characters. The man originated from Chicago, US is well-known thanks to the creation of Tarzan character in which it is one of the most successful fiction icons all the time.

Launching of John Carter movie in 2012 is also signing the birthday of that character for 100 years old. Thus, no surprise if this heroic character could still keep standing until this time due to the adventure story in Mars which is able to steal the public''s attention from all age stages.  

The character of john Carter is acknowledged already to be pop culture across the generations. Started from the novel story to the comic, animation art, and TV program and at the time raised onto widescreen, it is proven that John Carter character has already spread various creative inspirations to the public within a last century.

This movie tells about an exciting and wild adventure experienced by a young man named john in the mysterious planet named Barsoom (Mars). Its planet has 2 tribes named Zodanga and helium and also predatory and manipulative figures named Tharks and Therms.

When planet is full of wealthy and concord, Barsoom precisely is to be dying planet and full of conflict which has been occur for 10 thousand years. Zodanga tribe is leaded by Sab Than and Helium has a Beautiful empress named Dejah Thoris who want get solution for the peace.

Meanwhile, when civil war occurs in US, Veteran soldier, John Carter is suddenly carried out to secluded cave in Arizona toward to the red planet. Thanks to the gravity difference, John Carter has a higher strength rather than the residents there. Regarding this, the two tribes want to use his capability whereas John just needs to come back to the earth.

The outstanding film director, Andrew Stanton is already appointed to produce this movie by Walt Disney Pictures. He is one of the most in-depth experience directors in producing animation movie in Hollywood. His masterpieces are such as Toy Story 1, 2 and 3, a Bugs Life, Monster Inc., finding Nemo and also Wall E. In addition, Andrew has ever achieved 2 Oscar trophies at 2004 and 2009 through Finding nemo movie and Wall-E.

Besides the achievement and experience, Andrew confessed that he is very fond of this character since youth. He is interested in the concept of a man who tries to find out the identity on Mars along with freaks on there.