It is one hundred movies number of Jackie Chan’s movie along his career in acting. This movie is telling about the early of 20 century whereas chine is in crisis circumstance. This country is separated into many warring parties, starving residents and political reformation which makes the circumstance worse. The country is running chaos.

Dynasty Qing who is in power is leaded by a seven year old Caesar and the wicked mother. The queen consort of Longyu (Joan Chen) is unwavering after 250 years leading the dynasty. It makes the country completely in danger.

Due to the worse condition, residents realize and then start to make a rebellion. The Dynasty Qing soldiers forms new army to stop the rebellion. However, the supply of weapons needs an expensive cost. Due to this money needs’ tension, the leader of Qing sells everything to foreign countries including selling China’s future.

Huang Xing (Jackie Chan) just comes back from Japan where he has learnt the art of modern warfare. When he find his country get destroyed, he thinks that he has no choice except repealing his sword and leading a series of uprisings with people who are so desperate to Dynasty Qing and New Army , with the tragic consequence, get died in struggling. 

Just hurry to watch this wonderful movie especially for you who are fans of Jackie Chan. He truly reveals his ability in acting in this movie and also seriously gives the best for you. Make sure you will not miss it.