Halloween is right around the corner, and some of the scariest movies to hit the big screen aren’t Michael Myers – they're nurses. When a person is at their weakest moments, some of these nurses will make the person regret ever breathing.

Cruel nurses are nothing new, but these fictional nurses are a pure nightmare.

Of course, there are some nurses that will give you the creeps more than others. Here are my top picks for creepy nurses that you may want to see on the big screen this year.

1. Annie Wilkes

Poor Paul Sheldon. He crashes his Mustang during a terrible snow storm, and the next thing you know, sweet Annie Wilkes is there to come save the day. Paul’s life took a turn for the worse that day.

A former nurse who is obsessed with Paul and seemingly bored out of her mind, decides to put her former skills to work.

You see, Paul, a famous author, has a character that Annie is very attached to. Not only does she help Paul recover, but she forces him to write a sequel to his novel while torturing Paul.

Misery is a Stephen King creation, where Annie tortures Paul during his weakest moment. It's not as scary as some other movies, but Annie sure does a good job at making me never trust a nurse again.

2. Abby Russell

Abby Russell is a character in Nurse 3D, and while the film is considered an “erotic horror thriller,” it shows you that even beautiful nurses are something to be scared of. Russell would not have been scarier if she ran around in mens scrubs and was the size of Mike Tyson in his heyday.

What makes Russell scary is that she’s a beautiful nurse that loses her mind.

A serial killer that loves to murder men, she targets men that cheat on their wives, and she isn’t afraid to spill a lot of blood. In one scene, she cuts a man’s femoral artery before throwing him off the roof. Paz de la Huerta does a good job of looking good on the screen, and then leaves you wondering if you would tempt fate to be in the same room as this mass murderer.

3. Charlotte Diesel

An older horror film that is definitely worth renting. High Anxiety, the name of the film, features a complete psychopath named Charlotte Diesel. She is joined by a psychopath doctor called Dr. Montague.

The duo decide it would be the perfect time to start murdering people in the psychiatric ward.

Meant to be a satirical comedy, the film is produced and directed by Mel Brooks. The movie is as funny as it is scary, and there’s just something about the way that nurse Diesel looks at the screen that is horrifying.

And, we also can’t forget about Nurse Ratched. Ratched also runs a mental ward, and she drugs her patients to take them under her control. Charming, sweet and ruthless, you should also take your time to watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.