Euphoria of movie lovers emerges with a never-ending satisfaction and curiosity. Many genres of movies present various kinds of stories whether fiction or based-on-true story. Recently, worldwide audience’s curiosity, not only movie lovers’ but also common people’s, has been pulled in by a newly-made film. Certainly, Hollywood filmmakers succeed in provoking people to watch their brand new movie, 2012.

The film, that is directed by Rolland Emmerich, contains similar idea to The Day After Tomorrow or Knowing which is about tremendous natural disaster. It plotted a writer Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) who attempted an evacuation effort for his ex wife and children to avoid the disastrous earthquake in the city. The disaster dramatically ruined the earth during their escape. In the end of their risky self-rescue, they found out that they headed to the ticket for life of a magnificent giant ship that was built with aim to save living creatures.

In the meantime, the same tragedy was also striking the other parts of the world with total disastrous damages. People were struggling the evacuation for their safety but unfortunately there was no place left on earth that was safe for them but the ship. New hope arouse in the closing minute of the film when the survivors saw the aftermath of the disaster was a new chapter of their new live.

If we look closer and deeper throughout the movie all we can find is just a known natural disaster like earthquake, volcano eruption, and flood that cause huge destruction. There is no special plot that gives audience new form of a story. What make the film different from the other disaster-theme films is the visual effects they use. Almost the entire film presents long shot computerized-visualizations that illustrate every detail of earth destruction. Audience would hold their breath and gasp in several shocking scenes, terrified when cracking ground tailing behind the characters car or when the blast of eruption is about impossible to avoid. However, the dramatic scenes inside the film are not the only factors encourage the audience to watch the film because there is another external factor causes that.

2012 has been released among the controversy of shocking prediction of Maya, an ancient civilization, about the world end. Maya civilization had predicted that earth will meet its doomsday in the end of 2012. Many historians believe that Maya’s prediction is about a truth like when they had predicted the 9/11 tragedy in their prophecy. Hence, what seems obvious here is that the timing of the movie’s release is in coincidental situation with the doomsday spreading-rumor. Movie viewers are provoked by the idea that the movie is a reflection of the doomsday. They assume that the film is an illustration of how world goes to an end, whereas the movie itself doesn’t present or prove about it.

Nevertheless, 2012 had reached its bestselling on the premier because people were curious and had big expectations to find the portrayal of total destruction of the earth in the film. Indeed, no matter what exactly makes a film to reach its box office, audiences have their self point of view and power to decide.

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