In an age of Netflix and flexible, on-demand television, the notion of spoilers seems somewhat out-dated.

The proliferation of digital media means that it is always possible to access plot twists ahead of time, however, while social media is often a hotbed of informed rumours and potential narratives. 

As if this was not enough, postal brand recently created a Halloween service that sent spoilers directly to unsuspecting recipients, with people selecting specific television programs to create the utmost disruption.

Even if you didn’t receive an offending parcel, the threat of plot spoilers is one that remains unchecked. So, how can you avoid spoilers and continue to enjoy your favourite shows in peace? Let’s take a look:

Make binge-watching a thing

With Netflix established as the king of on-demand TV, it should come as no surprise that this platform is home to a huge volume of popular shows. 

Netflix has also developed a unique way to beat spoilers, by releasing some titles as complete series and allowing viewers to watch them in one sitting.

So long as you can avoid the initial rumours and pre-screening hype, you can enjoy the series in its entirety without the risk of encountering spoilers.

Avoid being overly analytical

If you are in a job interview, the ability to think analytically is extremely useful and helps you to stand out from the crowd. This same attribute can mean that you inadvertently predict plot twists and spoilers while watching your favourite shows, particularly if are a seasoned fan of a specific genre.

So, the key is to immerse yourself in the programs that you are watching, clearing your mind of all thoughts and enjoying the real-time action as it unfolds.

The less you think, the less you will analyse the narratives as they unfold, preventing your mind from pre-empting plot twists that may occur later in the piece.

Create a self-imposed social media ban

Not all of our schedules are created equal, which is why on-demand television is so popular in the digital age. 

While this medium enables you to watch TV programs at your leisure, it also means that people consume the same media at entirely different times. So, if you are not able to watch programs live or as soon as they are released, you will find that the Internet and social media quickly become swamped with spoilers, plot twists and the in-depth analysis of narratives.

To avoid this, you need to take a proactive approach to avoid social media, at least until you have caught up with real-time broadcasting schedules. Similarly, you should also avoid contact with malevolent friends who may be tempted to share spoilers, particularly those who would love to send you a parcel that is laden with twists!

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