sculpturesSilver and glass are two amazing materials that have long been used in works of art. Indeed, as soon as the materials were first discovered, they were immediately employed by artists. So what are some of the most famous examples of silver and glass sculptures?

Examples of Silver and Glass Sculptures

It would be impossible to list all the examples of silver and glass sculptures, not in the least because the materials have been used for hundreds of years. However, a number of examples really do deserve special attention:

  • Cascade, which is a piece designed by Sergio Redegalli. It is made of 500 individual pieces of 6mm of clear glass. It can be viewed in Australia’s Adelaide Botanical Garden, where it takes pride of place in the garden’s main pond. The shape of the structure is like a cascading wave, and the piece reflects the natural beauty of the park that surrounds it.
  • Fireworks of Glass is the world’s largest glass structure created by Dale Chihuly. It is 43 foot in height and actually rises above a glass ceiling. It can be viewed at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. The piece almost looks like a bunch of slinkies made from glass thrown together in a big pile. The main colours are red, yellow and blue and the whole structure looks playful and fun. It is no surprise that it is kept in a children’s museum, therefore.
  • The Silver Sculpture at the Rijksmeseum in the Netherlands is an absolute must-see. It features an Amazonian woman riding a stag, with various other animals around her. Underneath the hindquarters of the stag is another rider, this time on a horse. The entire sculpture is placed on a silver box, making it look like a music box or jewellery storage box.
  • The giant stained glass crab sculpture by Callinectes Douglassi is a stunning stained glass crab, including claws and eyes. It is a beautiful piece of art that is on display at Washington International Airport. If you happen to be at the airport, you simply must see the sculpture as it is out of this world.

These are just a few of the examples that are out there of glass and silver sculptures. A number of designers are particularly famous for their sculptures, mainly Dale Chihuly, who has created amazing pieces that are showcased around the world. 

Glass has been around for thousands of years and it has almost always been used in works of art. The stained glass windows in churches, for instance, are beautiful examples of what can be achieved with glass. Silver is less common in large, famous works of art. However, it is a beautiful material that can be used in a variety of ways. However, most commonly, artists will use it either to accentuate certain parts of their works, or to create small pieces, including pieces of jewellery. This is also due to the price of silver, which is certainly of influence to a struggling artist.

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