Some years ago people said that soap operas are not always going to be popular. Now, their popularity is stronger than it ever was, with some shows still being produced after dozens of years since they appeared. Why are soap operas popular? Why do people look for spoilers as you can see when you click here for The Young And The Restless and why can’t we stop watching once we start? Here are some things to consider. 

No One Dies Or They Rarely Die

There are characters like John Black and Victor Newman that never actually die. You can so easily end up connecting with the characters for really long periods of time since soap opera personas have so many lives, much more than cash. Sometimes the character is resurrected miraculously while in other cases there is some type of crazy twist that makes you shake your head. 

Facial Expressions

The soap operas always have memorable close ups. The facial expressions of the characters are among the best that television has to offer and they are a huge part of why we actually watch soaps. Those facial expressions are going to be remembered and are almost always associated with the show or with the actor that plays the character. 

The Mustache

It may seem weird but the mustache always seems to appear in soap operas. It does not really matter what setting the film covers or when the scene was filmed. That mustache keeps popping up and we rarely see any soap opera without some mustaches in them. They have to be attractive even if we do not actually realize that. Why else would the actors have mustaches in soap operas?

Space And Time Do Not Exist

This is, most likely, the main reason why we actually love soap operas. One day can easily last a week while one week can easily pass in just a few minutes. There are characters that will leave a location and then be in a completely different one in just 5 seconds. Private jets are able to travel the world in minutes and in various cases we are faced with no actual definition of when the action takes place since that is not of interest. We have soap operas that last for years and although we see the actors aging, sometimes the year is the same as in the first episode. You simply cannot get around this incredible power of controlling space and time.

We are quite sure that you can easily find your very own reasons why you love soap operas. Obviously, in some situations people do watch because of the fact that they love a particular actor. That is 100% normal and we cannot dismiss the fact that actors stand out as being a huge reason why some soap operas are popular. There are even some actors that have a career in acting in many different soap operas among the years. 

No matter why you love them, we cannot deny the fact that soap operas will never disappear. They will be around for years and there is no reason to think that this will ever change.