Buying a new home soon? The neighborhood you choose can be just as important as the choice of home. As you know, there are varieties of types of neighborhoods wherein you can buy your new home. The key is finding the one that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

So how do you decide the community where you and your family will live?

You can start by making a list of what you need in a neighborhood. Consider the pros and cons that comes with the new place and its surrounding. Look at things, such as the type of property, range in property value, proximity to schools, employment, recreational areas, malls and other avenues of life.

Start by asking the right questions:

Where do you want to live? Are you seeking the urban vibe? How about a peaceful suburb?  Close-to-town area that merges the aspects of both suburban and city life? A leafy suburban feel, perhaps? A laid-back, country setting?

What recreational areas do you want? Shopping, businesses, restaurants? A favorite coffee shop? Do you want a sports area with an open parkland? Live music venues? Arts and galleries, museum? Library? These questions will help you define what matters to you the most and will help you with your decision.

For single family homes

For many people, home looks like tree-lined streets with single-family houses and ample yards arrayed along wide sidewalks.

If you are looking for privacy and do not require that much access to cosmopolitan living, then the suburbs may be the best place for you. Don’t get fooled by the misconception that suburbia are neighborhoods filled with homes that have no personality. In Melbourne, houses for sale by Lend Lease lets you personalize your home to reflect your style.

Low-maintenance communities

If you travel often or are away from your home for extended periods, then neighborhoods containing the so-called zero-lot housing can be perfect for you. These type of houses extend close to the edge of property line. It also has a lesser yard area, which means fewer care responsibilities, but bigger inside space. Communities offering this kind of housing commonly include exterior maintenance and yard care, allowing you to come and go as you please without care – well almost.

Whether you’re single with a travel schedule or a demanding job, a nester who spends part of the year in another place or a two-income household that wants to spend on things other than home cleaning and home care, this is perfect.

Multi-Generational Housing

Now this one’s a bit different. Multi-generational homes offer the benefit of two linked, yet separated homes under a single roof. It works by separating parts of one home. A second, smaller home within a home has its own garage and front entry, as well as a kitchenette and eating area, with a connection to the main house. This setting offers the best of both worlds – connection and privacy for multiple generations sharing a home.

If you anticipate that a child or parent will move back in with you – or if you want to be surrounded by a variety of age groups, then this type of housing is a good option for you.

By considering all your options and asking the right questions, you can easily find the perfect community that suits you.

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