Fatman Scoop is instantly recognisable in the hip hop world for his distinctive name, huge reputation and not least his physical size. Not only a very big deal in the hype game, he has also enjoyed success as a hip hop promoter and radio personality, his rough aggressive tone defining his distinctive style. Having caused a stir in the Big Brother house not long ago, he is more popular than ever and is available for bookings through MN2S music booking agency in London. 

As you might imagine, there is an intriguing story behind Fatman Scoop’s name. The moniker originally came from Lauryn Hill, she would shout “scoop, scoop, fatman scoop” at him when he appeared as a cinema worker in the video for legendary hip hop group The Fugees’ cover of ‘Killing Me Softly’. An ice cream lover herself, Lauryn Hill sang a spoof version of the tune, replacing the lyrics with “Filling my belly with popcorn”, which Fatman Scoop very much enjoyed. 

Fatman Scoop is a unique and popular performer and is best known for the single ‘Be Faithful’, which shot straight to No.1 in the UK and Ireland after its release in 2003 as well as hitting the top 5 in Australia. Although fast becoming a big and definitive hit for Fatman Scoop, the legal work clearing the samples for the release took a painful two years, as it contained samples from artist like Jay-Z, Black Sheep, Queen Pen, The Beatnuts and Faith Evans. 

Not content with the impact that Fatman Scoop has had on hip hop, he has also tried his hand at lifestyle advice, launching his own sex and relationship podcast on the Man & Wife channel on the internet TV network ONLOQ.com and on MTV, as well as making appearances in series 2 of the programme ‘The Boondock’ episodes 5 and 15.

Having entered the UK Celebrity Big Brother house on 27th August, he immediately made waves with his big personality and starting a row with fellow American housemate James Hill over Scoop’s use of the “n” word. The American contingent in the house was part of a UK vs. USA theme for the series, but Fatman Scoop unfortunately didn’t last long, being evicted on Day 20, the 14th September. 



After his exit from the house, Fatman Scoop insisted the whole shenanigan was not a money grabbing stunt, but rather used as an opportunity to bring his talents to a wider audience that might not already be familiar with his work. He commented himself, that he hoped the extended appearance in the public eye might bring him to the attention of ‘mums’ as a potential new audience for his work. 

The role of hype man was always been a crucial one in the hip hop genre, interjecting between a rapper’s bars with various exclamations to engage the audience in call and response type participation. Some of the best hype men to appear in hip hop music have often gone on to become successful rappers themselves, such as Diddy, Lil Jon, Swizz Beatz and Jermaine Dupri. 

At the very beginnings of the hip hop genre, the first people to act as hype men were Cowby and Creole, who start out hyping for the legendary Grandmaster Flash, also available for booking through MN2S, and the two figures have been touted as “the original hype men” by Koll Moe Dee. The ultimate hype man in the history of hip hop music is often recognised to be Flavor Flave from the well-known hip hop group Public Enemy. 

Fatman Scoop has been active recently, collaborating with artists like Skrillex and Jauz for a track named ‘Volume’ where he adds characteristically aggressive hype, with exclamations such as “squad out!” and “let the f***ing bass bass drop”, as well as regularly appearing on the radio show Full Throttle Worldwide. 

Fatman Scoop is an inimitable figure in the world of hip hop and booking him to perform through MN2S Agency will undoubtedly result in a truly memorable gig.

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