About the Problem

We do find now a days that whenever we do park our car in any place, be it beside the road or any other place, we do find on our cars, bird droppings, scratches etc which do make our car's paint a mess. So we need to find out such a paint which will not get affected with the acids, present in bird droppings and will make our car look as good it is. One such paint will do away with all our problems and hence we will be the most reliable solution.

About Colour Shield

Car paint protection kits by ColourShield offers to us such a kind of paint which will be resistant to bird droppings, insects, tree sap, chemicals and UV Rays also. This is the reason why it challenges us to go for it, with the guarantee that it's the best product for us.

Why to choose Colour Shield Paints:

  1. Saves your time spent in just mere washing of cards day after day.
  2. Saves your money spent just for nothing in these mere nonsense things.
  3. You need not to polish your car every year.
  4. You will do away with the old gel based paints.
  5. The product offered by Colour Shield outlasts the traditional paints.
  6. The technology used is modern and consists of the use of silicones, resins and waxes.
  7. The paint of Colour Shield is easy to use and easy to clean.
  8. The paint lasts for a long time and you will not have to bear up with the hassle of painting every year.
  9. The paint is also environment friendly and thus appreciable to use.

About the paint:

Traditional paints are gel based and hence are sticky and difficult to remove. Moreover they are also easily corrosive in nature and highly infected by acids. Due to these reasons, the paints we use traditionally bring with them a huge set of problems.

Now to do away with all such problems, we will use up Colour Shields paints. Colour Shield Paints make us of PTFE - polytetrafluroethylene, a polymer which is non-sticky in nature and hence we do make use of that in our paints.

Now if we go into more deep, finding out the cause of why they are our base chemical, because they consists of long chain polymers which are easy to bind and remove. Such is the reason why our paints are not affected by corrosion and acids.

Our Car Care Products:

The car paint protection kits by Colour Shield ranges from Paint protection application using clay bar and lubricant to industrial application and various sectors. The Clay bar technology is the new introduction and is as easy as one fells while just simply washing his car.

Our Electronic Rust Protection System(ERPS):

Electronic Rust protection System and rust prevention system are brought into effect now by any companies because they are an essential thing for everyone. The cars get damaged and filthy look with the effect of rusts from chemicals. What People say  is that Colour Shields invisible shield will prevent your car from rust and one will not know that.