What is the first thing you think about when refurbishing your new home?

Perhaps it is the décor, as you look to create an aesthetically pleasing interior that suits your innate design tastes? Or maybe you are motivated by creating a relaxing bedroom space, complete with soothing colours and a comfortable, supportive mattress sold by an industry leader such as Ghost Bed?

If you are anything like the army of contemporary home-owners in 2016, however, you are more inclined to pay attention to the increasingly sophisticated concept of smart technology. This has multiple applications in the home, but it is most popular as a real-time and effective security measure that can safeguard your home and deter break-ins.

3 of the Best Security-focused Smart Technology Gadgets for 2016

With this in mind, we have selected three of the most cutting-edge and innovative examples of smart technology that can help to safeguard your property in 2016. These include:

Automated Window Blind Apps

As the stylish and interactive Headcaster application proves, it is possible for apps to combine functionality with inflated design standards in the modern age. This is also evident with these automated window blinds, which can be controlled remotely through a mobile app that can be accessed in real-time or programmed with a proactive schedule. This application has multiple applications in the home, as it can be used to save energy, regulate mood and most importantly create the impression that somebody is at home when they are not.

Nest Cam

Recently unveiled by Google, this is a home security camera that can be controlled and accessed remotely. While it can be essentially described as an advanced incarnation of the classic webcam, it offers users the chance to access feeds through a mobile app (available on Android) and view these in real-time. If you need any more convincing concerning the merits of this technology, the camera can also be triggered by motion sensors in and around your home and send a message directly to your smartphone to alert you.

The August Smart Lock

Smart locks have proved difficult to design previously, with a number of companies striving to strike the right balance in terms of design and functionality. August has managed to do better than most, however, once again creating a stylish and purposeful app that can readily controlled by a smartphone (or your tablet). This enables you to organise access remotely, avoiding instances where your loved ones are locked out in the cold. Most importantly of all, the lock is compatible with most types of deadbolt and can be installed easily within a matter of moments. Retailing at approximately £160, this is a product that remains the standard-bearer for smart locks.

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