It’s not just the guys who can have a great time at parties. With these novel ideas, the girls are guaranteed to experience something different. Let your imagination go for a while, and try some of these cool hen do activities to spice up what should be a night to remember!

Domination workshops

Well girls, I’m sure some of you want to be the dominant one in the relationship but don’t know where to start. So what about hiring the services of a real dominatrix, who will not only entertain you, but also teach you how to be the dominant girl you’ve always dreamt of being. The venue is always private, so you can really let go of your inhibitions, and once the expert has shown you what to do, you can practice with a male model, to really feel confident about making your man submit to your every whim. Sexy workshops are a great idea because it’s so much more than just entertainment, as everyone comes away with some new experience to enhance their life.

Dwarf shows

These little people pack a big lunch when it comes to entertaining a group of females. Imagine the hen’s face when she sees a little guy turn up, complete with the costume of your choice. What he lacks in height, he sure makes up for with his personality and ability to follow the mood. If you really want to surprise the hen, the male guest will shackle himself to her for the entire evening, something that is sure to bring the house down. With all the right jokes, a little fellow can add something to that female night out, and he’s open to any suggestions you might have about how to really make this a personal experience for that special lady.

Pole dancing lessons

Pole dancing isn’t just for the guys, with workshops to teach the girls how to really turn their guy on, while having a ball at the same time. In fact, pole dancing lessons at a hen party are now one of the most sought after attractions to liven up that hen night. What used to be a strictly male thing, has now moved into the fitness arena, with pole dancing providing a good workout for all those muscle groups. So book a pole lesson and not only will it be great fun, you’ll also learn another way to keep that body firm!

Paint the hunk

This great party activity evolved from the life drawing games, where all the girls drew pictures of a gorgeous male model. Now you can go one step further and have a real hunk of a man strip down, while you girls create art on his muscular body. These guys are very creative, and will give you some good ideas to stimulate your creativity, with all kinds of materials to use. This is so much more than just a male stripper, with the chance for the artist in you to come out and play with a really handsome guy, who loves to be adorned by women.

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