As time goes by your Mac is bound to accumulate more and more files on its hard drive – many of which are never actually used. Some of these files may be ‘junk’ such as old cache files, trash bins, and so on – and others may be apps that are no longer being used, or have been uninstalled but left behind some files.

Although having these files sitting around on your hard drive and doing absolutely nothing may seem harmless to begin with – the fact of the matter is that they’re going to affect your Mac’s performance and waste its hard drive space. As such you should definitely take steps to clean them – and the most convenient way to do so is with the Movavi Mac Cleaner.

Instead of attempting to hunt down unwanted apps and files manually (which will take a very, very long time), the Movavi Mac Cleaner will allow you to remove all the junk on your hard drive quickly and effectively. When you launch it, the software will immediately automatically scan your Mac to locate all the junk files that are hiding on your hard drive – and let you remove them all with a single click. Alternatively if you want you could choose to only remove certain types of unwanted files too.

On top of that it will also provide you with an ‘Uninstaller’ feature and learning how to uninstall apps on Mac using it is a piece of cake. The ‘Uninstaller’ feature will help you to detect apps that are no longer being used, and give you an option to uninstall them without any leftovers. It will also let you remove any of the OS X ‘native’ apps that normally can’t be uninstalled, and will find leftovers from previous uninstallations and let you get rid of those files too.

By the time you’re done cleaning your Mac with the Movavi Mac Cleaner you should have been able to free up a considerable amount of space – and your Mac’s performance will undoubtedly improve as a result. It would be advisable to make it a habit to clean your Mac on a regular basis so that unused apps and unwanted files don’t get the chance to pile up to the point where they start to significantly have an impact on your Mac’s storage space and performance levels.

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